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Shane + Jenn


We flew on down to Newport Beach to shoot Shane & Jenn’s wedding at beautiful St Marks. We had an amazing time with these two on our last trip to California (click here to see the engagement shoot we did with them in Orange, CA). What a stunningly beautiful couple. Doesn’t get much more fun than this wedding… we had a blast taking photos of these two. Thanks Jenn & Shane for being so ridiculously good looking (and not to mention “boat loads” of fun).  View Slideshow  

Oh, something else we should probably add (just as an FYI). Courtney took over half of these photos… most people think that it’s just me (Gary) who does the “photography stuff” – but that’s just not true. We’re a photography team… and a damn good one at that ;) We always run 2+ cameras at each photoshoot to capture a variety of images. Courtney gets the shots and angles that I don’t even think about, and visa-versa. Our two different shooting styles compliment each other perfectly. Plus Courtney hangs out with the girls while they get ready, and I hang out with the guys (helps the bride and groom be a bit more comfortable in front of the camera while getting prepped and ready). So TOGETHER we conquer photography :)











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David Hessemer - OK I can retire now. I can’t keep up with how great you are getting at shooting. The world needs to know about you. I will hook you up as soon as you get to San Diego. You are amazing. Can I come and second shoot with you? Keep up the great work.

anjuli paschall - These pictures are amazing. I really love the pictures of the wedding party.. fun- creative- and unique… LOVE it!

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