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Courtney and I ┬ájust returned from a very inspiring trip to South Africa. It was a media gathering/creating venture for a ngo called Themba International. Jeff Johnson is the founder and was kind enough to take us along as he returned to his “home away from home” to continue researching eco friendly ways to help the people of South Africa. We traveled with a small media team who’s goal was to capture imagery and create multimedia that would tell the story of the South African people living in a township called Thembalethu. The stories, imagery and content are meant to challenge the viewer to “Consume with Conscience” and provide opportunities for the viewer to be about positive change in their communities in The States while impacting and providing jobs for communities in South Africa. While in country, we branded Themba, started working on some print collateral and the website, and scripted/produced several informational videos. Our media team was filled with outstanding individuals, Jeff’s vision for Themba is right on, and the people we connected and shared stories with were inspiring beyond words.

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  1. nate

    awesome pics and writing guys! hope we’ll be able to make it over there someday too :) great seeing you guys today, glad you’re back safe!

  2. Laloni

    GREAT blog Gary! Helped me undestand the trip/vision, etc. even more……LOVE YOU, Mom

  3. Rog

    Hey Gary, don’t know if you know this, but we’re old man name buddies. Lyndzee thought I was kidding when I told her that was my name. I guess “roger” wasn’t up to par on the max and dukes of the world. I think Duke’s literal translation is “to take a dump” isn’t it? Anyhow…we met and we fell in like with you guys today. Also, your photos kick other photos in the nuts.

  4. Author

    Thanks everyone :) We really really enjoyed South Africa… not so much the traveling to get there… it was quite brutal, but the people and the country are outstanding :)

  5. Nina

    Came across your photos and blog via Liane’s facebook (Reghardt’s sis) – your photos are incredible, and it’s awesome seeing our hometown & the surrounds captured through your photos. Hope one day to exhibit a fraction of the talent the two of you have together. May you continued to be blessed on your journey :)

  6. Mark Mendez

    Wow… just… wow. I need to somewhere and shoot. Quick. You guys seriously make me want to leave this low-end design job and just photograph everything. Truly amazing photos.

  7. Brad

    Cool. I think the best way to help is to just stop consuming here in the States period. Just give…

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