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One of our favorite organizations, UNIFEM, has launched a new campaign called Stop Rape Now. This campaign is striving to end rape in general, but is focusing on trying to end rape being used as a weapon of war. There are millions of women around the world that live with rape as a daily reality and it is being used increasingly as a weapon of war. It’s a horror that words cannot describe.

What can you do? Stop Rape Now is asking people to send in a picture of themselves with their arms crosses as a symbol of their support for the campaign. It’s like a cooler way of signing a petition. Take a photo with the timer function on your camera or have your spouse or an older child take a photo on your phone and upload it. It will take less than 5 minutes. It’d also be awesome to get a picture of your husband, your older children, your friends, your sister, your dad, your mom…whoever!

Be a voice for women whose daily life involves the horror of rape. Stop Rape Now.


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