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What makes us tick

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Gary and I are fairly obsessed with life having forward motion… of striving towards something and moving our life along a path towards a greater goal. We’re really good at getting things from point A to point B. And once we get to point B we’re always at a loss for what to do next. We can’t just hang out there. There’s gotta be a point C for us to start working towards.

For many (even most) people the goal of their business is to make as much money as possible and they have some set amount of money that becomes their Point B. Gary and I are not that way. Don’t get me wrong, one of our goals for our business is to keep us afloat and make enough money to feed us, clothe us and save for the future… but we are not money motivated people. We are motivated by freedom, fun and something we commonly refer to as “the party factor” :)

Our Point B is the ability to spend as much time as possible with our family and friends doing fun and meaningful things that feed our passions and fulfill the callings we feel on our lives. And the great part about that goal is that it can morph and change as our family changes… you can always create a new Point for which to reach… another trip, a new adventure, an exciting memory to make, another way to make a difference.

We are extremely fortunate and feel incredibly blessed to have jobs that we adore and that allow us so much freedom. But we are constantly re-evaluating our businesses and our lives to figure out what we could do to have more fun and spend more time with our kids, family and friends doing things that matter. Often it’s booking weddings in locations where we love to visit, other times it’s partnering in business with good friends, and sometimes it’s jumping on board with deserving non-profit organizations doing wonderful things around the world.

We believe that life is for the living and we work HARD to give ourselves as much time and freedom as humanly possible in which to live our life. Freedom, Purpose and Fun. That’s our Point B. And C. And D….

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  1. julie c

    inspiring words you two! love the honesty and and emphasis on spending time with people, no on working so much and making so much that you never see people. when its all said and done, its the relationships that make life worth livin’, and partyin’!

  2. Courtney

    Thanks Crystal and Julie for the comments :)
    Julie, you’re so right, in the end relationships are all that truly matters.

  3. Nicole

    Hi Courtney, Just wanted to say how inspiring you guys are. I know I barely know you but through your blog and photography I feel like I have a glimpse at just how rad you and Gary are. :) I love reading about the zest you guys have for life and for your job and I’m encouraged to continue reaching towards adventurous goals and lots of fun for my family. :)

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