Maui2011 The4OfUs

When in Maui

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Maui2011 The4OfUs

AirKids_Maui2011_LowResKids will be [flying] kids (Christenson & Woodard offspring). Below: Charlotte eating her weight in sand :)




Maui2011 GaryAndJoelle

Spent some time surfing and photographing “The Bay” during some pretty epic swell… sadly though, I (Gary) wasn’t able to get pics of myself shredding gnar, or should I say catching A FEW perfect little bombs and then spending 20 minutes getting pounded inside :( The surf beat me up, stole some man-flesh and even yoinked my wedding ring… what a jerk. But the waves were legit, and I was all smiles, all day, everyday. Oh, randomly got to hang, surf and chat it up with the crazy shredder and awesome musician Jon Foreman (lead singer of the band Switchfoot). It was great to connect with him and share in some perfect waves together. I really appreciate Jon’s attitude about life and the words and passion that he has always put into his music. Hope to see more of Jon and the boys back in San Diego when we get back. I love running into people like that who are such movers & shakers in this world and live with such purpose, it’s inspiring.

TheBay1 TheBay2 TheBay3


Maui2011 ShaveIceMaui2011 PalmsMaui2011 JoelleBay Maui2011 Dive 3 Maui2011 Dive 1 Maui2011 Running

We also got to do a little SCUBA diving, just the two of us. Hung out in some caves, with a shark, no big deal (NBD).

Maui2011 Dive 2 Maui2011 Dive 4 Maui2011 Dive 5 Maui2011 Dive 6 Maui2011 Dive 7 Maui2011 Dive 8


Also  took a little sailin’ trip to the island of Lanai.

Maui2011 Lanai 11 Maui2011 Lanai 12 High fives!!! WE’RE ON A BOAT!!!!!!!!!! The pics below are of Captain Chris – he and his wife Jill did our premarital counseling back when we lived on Maui… they are an awesome inspiration for our marriage. Capt’n even let me take just Courtney out on one of his boats (5 years ago) during a beautiful sunset to ask her to marry me :) Seriously, if you are ever in Maui you should 3000 percent hookup with Trilogy for some sailing. Ask for Capt’n Chris, he’ll treat ya right! We had such a blast on their Lanai trip… would highly recommend it.

Maui2011 Lanai 1 Maui2011 Lanai 2 Maui2011 Lanai 10 Maui2011 Lanai 15 Maui2011 Lanai 13 Below: Courtney is SUPER MOM!!!

Maui2011 Lanai 14 Maui2011 Lanai 3 We even got to swim some wild spinner dolphins off of Lanai (view video)  :) :) :)

Maui2011 Lanai 4 Maui2011 Lanai 5 Maui2011 Lanai 6 Maui2011 Lanai 7 Maui2011 Lanai 17 Maui2011 Lanai 16

Such a solid trip this year. Learned A LOT about the good and the bad of traveling with two wee little ones, it was kinda crazy and mostly out of control, but still totally a party ;) We know no other way than to bring the party wherever we go… here’s to next time, Aloha.


  1. Betsy Tomasello

    THIS…is what legends are made of. Way to rock the islands again. We’ll be glad to have you back home tho…with your wee ones…and your party. MISS YOU GUYS!!

  2. Katherine McKern

    Epic as always! I really love all the ones of Joelle on THE BOAT! Plus Courtney being Super mom. You guys are wicked awesome! xoxo

  3. Katherine McKern

    PS – the first pic that Jenna took is so

  4. Katie

    Dying over these! So freaking rad! But definitely glad you guys came back, us Osiders have to stick together…we can’t let that gorgeous island of Maui tempt you to go back :)

  5. Jennifer

    THE coolest post ever! Your pics were amazing, especially the underwater ones:) your family is beautiful as ever and we are glad you guys had a blast:)

  6. Jasmine

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the flying pics of the kiddos!!! Sooo cute, you guys are awesome!!

  7. Erin

    i don’t think you’re allowed to have that much fun, guys. sorry to break it to you. but you know what? randy and i discussed it and we’d be willing to take your place next time and endure that kind of fun in your place. i know, i know – we’re pretty unselfish like that :)

  8. Rog

    Third one up…greatest of all time. I’m not too gay for saying out loud on a blog that i dig the hair cut either, right? Don’t care if it is. I say what I mean. BOOOOM! Let’s see each other soon.

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