Our Growing Family

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Here’s a quick update on Team Christenson (and a fun hillside shot of our growing family). Joelle is 2 1/2 and Charlotte is nearly 5 months (can’t believe it). We’re definitely done having kids (two is where we wanna be) so now it’s just party-time with our crazy little girls for the next few decades! We’re 3000% satisfied living here in southern California… we frequent the beach, love our little home, and are gearing up for a nice busy season of shooting and traveling. We honestly couldn’t be much happier (or crazier, or more sleep deprived, etc). A HUGE shout-out to all our friends and family for your encouragement, love and support in this crazy time in life with raising small children. We are very grateful, and feel blessed to be “doing life” with such giving people! – G&C


  1. Katie

    Freaking cutest family on the planet. I love this photo. Please frame it in your rad house. :)

  2. Josh

    You guys and your cute lil family are dope! We love you guys!

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