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Charity:water project is FUNDED!

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YouDidIt CharityWater

Unbelievable. We’re completely shocked and amazed by the compassion and generosity of YOU ALL. Seriously, blown away. We had friends and family contributing from AROUND the globe! From South Africa all the way to the Hawaiian Islands. Together we raised enough money to fund an ENTIRE water project through charity:water (giving over 250 people clean water for 20 years). And we did it all in less than 48 hours!!! You guys seriously changed the world for these people in a developing country. To learn more about the water crisis, and to find more information on how YOU helped: CLICK HERE

With GRATEFUL hearts we say THANK YOU! Together we can truly make a difference!

  • Doing this fundraiser honestly stretched us, and asking others to give put us WAY out of our comfort zone . Without a verbal commitment (via our blog) and a push from our community (you all), we would never have done something like this. So thank you for joining us, thank you for pushing us, thank you for dreaming big and for changing the lives of hundreds of people with the money we all raised.
  • We’ll keep you posted on specific information regarding the well we all helped build (charity:water’s turnaround time is roughly 18 months – they’ll send us precise GPS coordinates, photos and descriptions of the project we all helped fund – so cool).
  • Don’t let this little blog post discourage you from giving towards our goal if you haven’t donated yet. If you have a full heart and a couple of spare bucks to give, PLEASE DO so by clicking here. Our campaign ends Sept 30th (that’s when they’ll start on the project we funded) 100% of anything else we raise will still be used appropriately for this cause! Our friends Bruce & Rebecca in South Africa are also funding another project through charity:water, so please consider helping them out as well by clicking here. Thank you for being world changers!

A challenge to our friends, family, biz owners, photographers, etc:

  • We encourage you to do something meaningful with your unique gifts, talent or product.
  • Find an organization that’s close to your heart and find a creative way to fundraise for that specific cause (give away something, partner with others, donate a percentage of your profits, etc)
  • YES, it will be inconvenient, it will take time (especially if you’re giving away free photoshoots) and it will probably take a lot of your own money. Here’s some wise words from a dear friend and fellow photographer Benjamin Edwards (from the original blog post that inspired us to do this project…):

“Yes, things are rough right now for a lot of us [the economy still sucks].  However, let’s put this in perspective:  You still have water to drink, food to eat and whether you’re renting, buying, or caught up in a short sale, you have a roof over your head.  You haven’t walked 50 miles after just delivering a baby to find food (true story) and if you really needed medical attention, all you have to do is call–and someone answers. People are calling, can we answer?”

The point in ALL of this is to educate, advocate (become a voice for people without a platform), pass on the inspiration we get from those around us, and be held accountable for the use of OUR time, gifts, passion and money.  There’s ALWAYS a reason or an excuse to  just ‘wait’ and NOT do something… so our challenge to you (and to ourselves) is to make this a core value of who we are and how we run our business. Please let us know what you decide to do and how we can help! Thanks again from the bottom of our [very full] hearts.


Gary & Courtney

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