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Making an impact together

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Senegal Blog-27

One of the things that Gary and I are SUPER passionate about is what we call “giving back”. What we mean by this is that we recognize how MUCH God has blessed us and in return we try to bless others, both financially and thru non-financial means (activities, lifestyle choices, etc…). We also are SUPER passionate about inspiring and empowering others to find a way to give back to whatever cause, organization or issue they feel passionately about.

We are particularly moved by the plight of those living in the developing world and we strive to contribute to long-term and sustainable solutions that help people improve their quality of life. There are many organizations that are doing this well, but one of our favorites is charity:water. There are so many things to love about this organization…like the fact that 100% of your donation goes to water projects (AMAZING!!!!), and the fact that clean water solves SO MANY other problems faced by people in developing countries, or even the fact that 18 months after you donate they give you precise GPS coordinates that show where the water project you financed was completed, pictures of the well being drilled and people in the community utilizing it, and a breakdown of exactly how your money was utilized. Seriously… so cool.

Several months ago we decided to start supporting the work of charity:water. Then we recently decided that it would be WAY better if we combined our two passions to figure out a way to empower, inspire and collaborate with those around us to do a project in the developing world LARGER than we could ever do by ourselves. We hope that you will join us! SO HERE’S THE PLAN:

Lets fund an entire water project through charity:water TOGETHER! Once the project is finished we would LOVE to (have those that are interested) take a trip together and see our water project in action and provide further support to that specific community it is helping…wherever it may be!



Every donation you make we will match 100% (up to $2,500 – which is a scary amount, but we’re really trying to practice what we preach and live out God’s request of us to ‘give until it hurts’) with the goal of raising a grand total of $5,000 to fund an entire water project. How awesome would that be???!!! We’ve set up a Charity water page where you can pitch in towards the goal… it’s super duper easy to do and after your donation is in we will go on and make a matching donation. So it’s like you are donating TWICE. Even if you donate 10 or 20 bucks (which will actually end up being 20 to 40 bucks), it can go a VERY long way with this organization! Lets rally together and make a HUGE difference for a community in a developing country ==> Click here to visit our page <== We have a really cool video on our page to help explain more about charity:water.



The first two people to donate $250 or more will receive a FREE portrait photoshoot by us (a $500 value). And ANYONE (unlimited) who donates $500 or more will also receive a completely FREE photoshoot. So go to our page, click on the blue button that says “Donate to my campaign”, enter all your info, (instantly receive your tax deductible receipt) and your name will automatically appear at the bottom of our page with the amount you contributed (or you can choose to donate anonymously – if so, you’ll need to email us your name/receipt so we can set up your free photoshoot), either way we’ll match your donation and you’re all set to COMPLETELY change someone’s world in a developing country. Thank you all for joining us, any amount will go a long way with this cause. We’re so excited to do this with you!!!



*UPDATE: Aug 22, 2011 | 6:30pm

We’re OVER half way there! We’re seriously blown away by everyone’s generosity. What we thought would take weeks to do has taken less than 12 hours. Grateful. Lets keep going strong folks!!! Our absolute deadline is Sept 30th, but we’re confident we can get there sooner. The two photoshoots (for a $250 donation or more) have been filled, but ANYONE who donates $500 or more will still get a free shoot by us. ‘Thank you’ to all who have donated so far, and we humbly ask you who haven’t donated to help us finish this fundraiser. We can’t do this without you. We have so much to be thankful for – when we want a glass of water, we just pull out a clean glass and get purified water straight from the fridge or faucet. This, although comfortable and normal to us, is extremely abnormal in a global sense. Lets help others have access to clean water, and lots of it. “The average American uses 150 gallons of water a day. The average person in a developing nation STRUGGLES to find 5” Together, with our small fundraiser, we can bring clean water to over 250 people (an entire village): Visit our fundraising page

*UPDATE: Aug 23, 2011 | 3:01pm

WE DID IT friends!!! We did it!!! Full report on this project HERE.


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