We 3000% love this:

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This is pretty much our life & business mantra:



More info on this project can be found here at the Holstee Website (which is RAD by the way). Tell us you loved this as much as we did??? We feel inspired (even though our whole family is mostly down-n-out with a cold and we’re running on zero sleep (teething + sick baby = a party)). Tired or not, go… change, live your life… it’s the only one you’re given… make it count. – Love G&C


  1. Erin

    word to yo motha… and yo brotha, while we’re at it :)

  2. Josh Solar

    Couldn’t agree more. I would love a print of this to read every single morning before I start my day. 

  3. Natalie

    Think i will be buying this to frame. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hosanna

    How did you get it on your blog? Cause i want to put it on mine.

    In Christ

  5. Megan

    for about 6 months Micah had that on his desktop for inspiration…love it!

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