Cabo: Behind the Scenes

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Cabo-BehindTheScenes-01 Here’s a few behind-the-scenes images from our trip to Cabo for Brittany & Javier’s destination wedding. As you may notice, we had a complete BLAST playing, scouting, testing and capturing all the raddness that was this 4 day wedding extravaganza.

Cabo-BehindTheScenes-02 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-03 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-04 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-05 Played a bit of volleyball with some of the [rad] wedding guests on our arrival day. Also, did some underwater jowling :)

Cabo-BehindTheScenes-06 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-07 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-08 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-09 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-10 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-11 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-12 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-13 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-14 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-15 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-16 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-17 Light testing shots (above and below)

Cabo-BehindTheScenes-18 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-19 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-20 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-21 I spy with my little eye a “Courtney” (above). That shot required some sand-face to capture it correctly ;)

Cabo-BehindTheScenes-22 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-23 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-24 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-25 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-26 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-27 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-28 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-29 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-30 Cabo-BehindTheScenes-31


  1. Brittany

    OMG I seriously LOVE this post!!! It captures how truly AWESOME you guys are and we are soooo glad you were able to experience it with us!

  2. Erin

    that shot of the bridesmaids boggles my mind! ya done good. ya done real good.

  3. Sarahelwer

    “sand-face” the mark of a true photographer! ha ha! This post makes me want to be “real life” friends with you both! You’re just so fun! :) 

  4. Midwifemommy

    you guys are amazing. Your photos have just gotten more and more incredible. AND!!! it looks like your having a blast getting more and more incredible!

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