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WhyWeTravel3 It’s no secret that we love to travel. But for many people the question is WHY? Especially with kids? And why on earth do you love it so much? The flights, TSA, jet lag, hotels, long car rides, unfamiliar eateries, and PACKING…I mean, it’s not all fun and games, so what’s the deal? Let us give you our top 5 reasons for why we travel: WhyWeTravel1 1) ADVENTURE We LOVE to have adventures! “Adventure” (as defined by Gary) is anything that has great ‘story potential’. It’s stuff that makes the highlight list at the end of the year. New experiences that stretch you, challenge you, get your heart pumping and makes you say “Holy crap! This is amazing!” at least once. Shark diving, cliff jumping, snorkeling, sky diving, ATVs, hiking, boating, climbing, crazy foods, new cultural experiences, etc. When you travel, opportunities for adventures often arise and since you’re already having so many new experiences there is a sense of “why not?” so you end up stepping outside of your comfort zone and having adventures you would never have at home. WhyWeTravel2 2) FUN FUN is one of our core values, which means it’s a value we refuse to compromise. No matter what happens in our life, we will still strive to have fun. We have SO MUCH FUN together! It’s one of the reasons we fell in love and it’s one of the reasons we’re still in love! We love having fun with our kids, we love having fun with each other, we love having fun with our friends and family. When you travel, new fun things are everywhere! Because everything is new, it’s exciting and it’s easy to come up with fun things to do. Fun stuff also fills your relationships with happy, exciting memories… but we’re getting ahead of ourselves! WhyWeTravel3 3) BUILDS RELATIONSHIPS It’s a fact that you can’t just travel with anyone. When you travel your true colors come out. You’re exhausted, hungry, dirty and completely out of your comfort zone… so there is very little left for shallow politeness. You also end up in situations where you have to make decisions (where to eat/sleep, what to see, etc) that can very easily create conflict. It’s also a fact that experiencing a certain amount of conflict AND working through it leads to better/deeper relationships. So, done right, you get to build better relationships with your traveling buddies. You also get to build relationships with people who are different from you all over the world. This opens your eyes to other people’s perspectives, lives, struggles, joys and cultures. Relationships like that can only serve to enrich your life! WhyWeTravel4 4) ADJUSTS OUR PERSPECTIVE We don’t know about you, but its easy for us to get really comfortable in our little privileged bubble. We’re by no means rich, and we are in no way referring to the privilege of the “1%”… even the majority of the other “99%” are privileged when compared to the rest of the world. It’s easy to sit here and begin to see how much we DON’T have when in fact we are incredibly blessed by so much. Freedom, rights, food, safety. For us, stepping outside our bubble and into someone else’s readjusts our understanding of the word “need”, makes us grateful for our abundance and more generous with everything we have. Traveling drives home and reinforces the desire we have to positively impact the world and the people in it. Travel also makes you think BIG. When you see how big the world really is and yet how interconnected we all are it makes your ideas bigger, your inspiration broader and your dreams more far reaching. WhyWeTravel5 5) HELPS US APPRECIATE GOD We know that there are people of all different spiritual backgrounds reading this and we are not trying to force this idea on anyone… we’re just sharing with you where we’re coming from. Our relationship with God is the most important thing in our life and travel vastly enhances that relationship. We believe that God created this amazing planet and we think He wants us to experience and appreciate it! Seeing all the beautiful places and meeting all the incredible people He made enriches our life and vastly increases our appreciation of God and everything he made. We are better able to worship and appreciate His handiwork having seen more than our tiny little piece of the pie at home (though, that’s pretty freakin’ amazing too!).

We’ve tried to keep this short and clearly failed. But we hope you have a better understanding for why travel is awesome and that you are inspired to do so! When you do, please share with us so we can experience it vicariously through you. Thanks for reading!


  1. Julie

    i love travel!  i love this post!  i love your little familyhood of the travelin’ pants!

  2. Josh Solar

    Love this post! Can’t wait to meet you all and chat about all things life soon…oh, yeah, and learn to surf!

  3. Rebecca

    Too awesome! This makes me excited! In June/July I will be leaving South Africa for the first time in my life when Bruce and I go traveling Europe – it has been a huge sacrifice to make it happen but reading this reminds me why it will be worth it! Love you guys!

  4. erin

    one day, we will travel together. FACT. i look forward to that day!

  5. Amy

    This is amazing, i feel like you’re my sister from another mother! So happy to meet you tonight, feeling very inspired by your site and life!!! <3


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