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QUICK!!! To Paso [Robels, CA]

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We like roadtrips. So a couple weekends ago we headed up along the coast to go party with the awesome Hill family. They recently relocated to Paso Robels so we took them up on their offer to come slumber party. It was a beautiful weekend of country living, kids running around all crazy, dogs doin’ their cuddly th-ang, rainy/chilly weather, lots of good food, fires in the fireplace, wine and beer tastings, coastal town exploring and other random acts of awesomeness. Here’s some imagery from the long weekend-o-adventures (FYI, The little square photos are images from our fancy pants iPhones (via Instagram)).

PasoTrip-01 PasoTrip-02 PasoTrip-03 PasoTrip-04 PasoTrip-05 PasoTrip-06 PasoTrip-07 PasoTrip-08 The Hill family!

PasoTrip-09 PasoTrip-10 (1) PasoTrip-11 (1) PasoTrip-12 (1) PasoTrip-13 (1) PasoTrip-14 (1) PasoTrip-15 (1) PasoTrip-16 (1) LOVE this image (above) of the little family unit known as TEAM HILL. And the image below is pretty much how the whole weekend felt. Lots of activity with kids and dogs and beautiful landscapes all around. What a beautiful weekend away!

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  1. erin

    … and it was EPIC!!! Can’t wait to do it again! Thank you guys for coming to hang with us in our farmland :)

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