Lately, Round Here

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We wanted to give you some quick insight into what’s been goin’ on around here lately (besides lots-o-photography – we’re deeeeeeep into the raddest wedding season we’ve ever had the privilege of working)… so, here’s a bunch of Instagram images from our fancy pants phones. This is what life at The Christenson household typically looks like. Enjoy!

01-InstaChristensons As you can quickly tell, we LOVE us some coastal livin’ :) water activities :) :) and our crazy kiddos :) :) :)

02-InstaChristensons 03-InstaChristensons 04-InstaChristensons 05-InstaChristensons 06-InstaChristensons Growing old is rad (above: parenting, SUPER early mornings and [old man] ear hair… just keepin’ it real for ya). We also really love takin’ road trips, slip ‘n sliding, more coffee, fair trade chocolate, pool parties and the beach (below… way below).

07-InstaChristensons 08-InstaChristensons 09-InstaChristensons 10-InstaChristensons 11-InstaChristensons 12-InstaChristensons We recently finished our backyard and are LOVING livin’ in it and throwing parties. We’ve been slowly fixing up our house since we bought it a couple years (it was a massive fixer-upper in need of some love and care), and this backyard was one of the final major projects. We LOVE the results [and the backyard camp-outs and parties with friends]!!! THANKS for stopping by. Catch ya later. – Team Christenson



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