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G&C in Italy

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We had the awesome pleasure of traveling to Italy to shoot Shawna & Adam’s destination wedding in a small town in the Tuscan countryside (view their wedding blog post here). So we wanted to show you a few behind the scenes images and some fun travel images of our journey through Italy.

We flew into Pisa, and train-ed it over to explore Florence for the day before heading to the Tuscan country side where the wedding would take place.

Once we finally arrived in Poppi, the town where the wedding was taking place, we quickly got to work documenting the Villa where everyone was staying (and where the reception would be held) and the mideaval section (and castle) of the small town of Poppi (where the ceremony was taking place). We had such a great time working with Vince (and assisted by Krysta) who do all the film work for Shawna & Adam’s destination wedding. Here’s a few images from the day before the wedding of us all working, running around scouting and doing a ‘day before’ portrait session with Shawna & Adam:

The wedding day was a ton of hard work, but every minute of it was so enjoyable. Here’s a few behind the scenes images …. to view all the finished work from this destination wedding, click here.

Krysta, assisting with the makeup on the day-of (above), and enjoying herself at the reception below), haha :) Oh, and yup, that’s a castle below… where to ceremony took place! What?!

After the EPIC wedding. The four of us (Krysta, Vince, Gary, Courtney) headed to the northwest coast of Italy – Cinque Terre – for several days of exploring and hanging out. We stayed in Vernazza, and Krysa and Vince stayed in Monterosso. Here’s a few images of Vernazza:

During the day, we’d connected with Vince & Krysta for some fun and exploring:

Out of nowhere it got hot one day as we were exploring some of the other coastal villages… so we did some underwear swimming in the Mediterranean… “when in Rome” – or “Cinque Terre” anyways ;)After we left Cinque Terre, we flew out of Pisa and landed in London to spend the night and do some more exploring before jetting back home to see our crazy kids. A HUGE THANK YOU to Court’s folks, Dennis & Marsha, for watching our kids so we can have this adventure together. We appreciate it so much!

Thanks for checking out our journey to Italy. It was a whirlwind, but such a fun adventure! Enjoy the journey, G&C


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