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Well folks… We’ve got some big news. I (Courtney) have been trying to figure out how to make this sound less random, but I finally just figured that it IS pretty random, so I should probably just spit it out. Here it goes: I wrote a children’s book. And it’s being published :)

Since I found out that it will go to print I’ve only told a handful of people because it still just doesn’t quite seem real. I’m really not sure how to write this post so I figured I would just answer the questions that people have asked me when I told them the news. Ready? Here it is…

What is the book about?
The book is called Growing Global Kids™ and it’s a book for children ages 3-6 about two small kids who hear about life in a developing country and realize how crazy blessed they are. Once they understand how much they have, they feel compelled to help other children who don’t have as much as they do. The solution offered in this book is child sponsorship so the two kids end up sponsoring a set of siblings and building a relationship with them. My goal for the book is to help parents pop the affluent and often entitled “bubble” that our kids (or at least OUR kids) seem to be growing up in by making them aware that they are incredibly blessed to have the life that they do. However, rather than depressing them with the news that the rest of the world is not as blessed as they are, I hope to empower them to make a difference. It is my humble opinion that kids have the power to change the world if we just gave them resources to do so…this is my attempt to put at least one small resource into their tiny hands.

My goal is to eventually have a series of 4 or 5 books of this nature to help parents and kids come together and tackle some of the major global issues of our day.

Am I illustrating it?
Oh HECK no! I don’t have an artistic bone in my body. I am working with the phenomenally talented Thomas Monson…an artist in Portland, Oregon and a friend of ours from back in the day. We are in the process of illustrating it right now and should be done with that part of the book production by March. I can not WAIT for you guys to see the artwork that Tom has created for the book!

When will it go to print?
Hopefully by July or August we’ll be holding it in our hands. :)

Ok…Where did this idea come from?!?
I got the idea about a year and a half ago. I honestly don’t feel I can take much credit for the idea as it seems to have been given to me rather than created by me. After attempting to ignore the idea for the book for about a year (due to paralyzing fear), I finally gave into the deep compulsion I felt to write it and sat down and penned it last summer. I submitted it to a publisher in the Midwest in October and received a contract shortly after.

So that’s the story :) I’m so excited (and terrified) for you all to see it. I feel very naked sharing this with the world and yet at the same time extremely honored and undeserving of my role in this project. My hope for this book is that children can be inspired and empowered to make a difference, parents can have a tangible way to help grow their child’s sense of gratitude and ideas about generosity and most of all that more and more children around the globe can be sponsored, stay healthy, get an education and grow up to make the world a better place.

Thanks for listening/reading! We’ll keep you posted as we get closer to print and let you all know how you can pre-order your first dozen copies once it’s done. ;)



  1. Nancy Loren

    Courtney girl I’m so Proud of you!…You listened to that voice nagging inside you,made it happen, and now the blessings come! I cant wait for the book tour in Maui! ;)

  2. Jessica

    Congratulations, Courtney! That is so so rad! I will have to get your book when it comes out and read it to Elijah :) xoxo

  3. Julie

    I can’t wait to buy it and use it in my classroom. I am always searching for books on topics about changing the worlds and making a difference. Can’t wait for it!

  4. Shawna Baruh

    This is awesome Courtney! Fantastic idea too. I hate that bubble, I see it too in Adam’s kids and we try to tell them about how lucky they are but I feel it’s losing battle until I get them on a plane and actually SHOW them. This is perfect for young kids, a positive way to start them off thinking about others. Good Job Courtney!

  5. Barb Kapple

    Very excited for you! I love how you took on the challenge. Will buy as soon as it is on the market. Awesome.

  6. Vicki Stone

    Congratulations Courtney, praying God will use your book to change lives and that you will be richly blessed for your efforts.

  7. josh

    So thrilled for you!!!!! This is so awesome and I can’t wait to read it with my kiddos!!!

  8. Jacquelyn

    What a wonderful idea. I can’t wait! It’s so difficult to navigate a conversation with a young child about children who live other places and do not have the things that we have in the USA, in a way that they understand and have true compassion to fuel their hearts to make a difference! Thank you for going for it!

  9. Melissa

    This is SOOO awesome!!! Creativeness and ideas what a great mix! Can’t wait to read it to MY kids!!! Keep us updated!

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