Let’s get outside: Colorado

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Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-01 Last month we took a trip to Colorado to shoot a truly awesome wedding, and we decided to extend the trip and bring the kiddos along to have a family styled vacation up in the Rocky Mountains :) From free booze on the flight (because we flew on the 4th of July – and because Southwest is awesome) to throwing high fives at 12,000ft and jumping in ice cold lakes and rivers, we had an awesome time… more below…

Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-02 Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-03

Above: Work / Light Testing photos from the wedding we photographed… can we just say that we are extremely grateful for our awesome clients who fly us to rad places to document their wedding day?! Living the good life and doing what we love together. Below: The next day we cruised up to Estes Park and met up with our family friends “Team Knudsen” from San Diego to go rage in our cabin for the following week…. 4 kids versus 4 adult.

Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-04 Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-05 Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-06 Above: Joelle is the best photo bomber of all times. Below: getting caught in the rainstorms every afternoon and a random kid pep rally that they came up with all on their own.

Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-07 Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-08 Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-09 Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-10 Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-11 Above: We did several days of hiking around the Rocky Mountain National Park and all the kids were complete champs! Below: here’s the champion of them all, Cheeks, gettin’ her Tennis face on :)

Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-12 Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-13 Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-14 Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-15 Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-16

Above: This is what a timeout looks like at 12,000ft. It’s not always fun and games folks. Below: It’s always Beer:30 in the Rockies! We had ourselves a grip-load of very tasty brews while venturing around.

Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-17 Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-18 Did a little hike (sans kids) up to around 10,000ft and jumped in an ice cold lake. Nick’s form is top notch.

Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-19 Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-20 Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-21 Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-22 Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-23 Colorado-2014-Gary-and-Courtney-24Thanks for stopping by. We had a complete blast in Colorado, as we always do :) We just love it there! Until next time, party on good people. Party on.

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