Moving from SoCal to Washington

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The move is behind us… phew, what a stressful time in life. Crazy, but good! We got rid of the majority of our stuff to make the move as easy and cheap as possible, and make our new life in our small apartment much more manageable. The best moving solution we found was to rent a trailer that you paid by the foot for (and then they’d drive it up and drop if off at your new place so that you could unpack). We ended up fitting all of our belongings into the first 7 feet of the trailer, which ended up being half the cost we budgeted for! WIN! Once the moving trailer was on it’s way up north, we sold our other vehicle, did our walkthrough with our new tenants for our house, packed up our other car and hit the road! We took our time driving up and stopped in the Bay Area for a few days, and then up to Central Oregon, and ultimately the greater Seattle area. Here’s some images from our long road trip north.


We wanted to show the girls Point Reyes National Seashore outside of San Francisco (we’ve been before, but they haven’t), so we took a bunch of small hikes/walks all over the area… there was epic amounts of whining from the girls (especially since Joelle’s leg was still a bit sore and recovering from breaking it earlier in the summer), but we made the most of it and it was incredibly beautiful. If you get the chance, you should check it out!

03-Moving-San-Diego-to-Seattle 09-Moving-San-Diego-to-Seattle11-Moving-San-Diego-to-Seattle

Fueling up (above) for an epic nap (below).

12-Moving-San-Diego-to-Seattle 13-Moving-San-Diego-to-Seattle 14-Moving-San-Diego-to-Seattle 15-Moving-San-Diego-to-Seattle

Above: On our way from the Bay Area to Central Oregon, we stopped at the Jelly Belly Factory. Sometimes you gotta take a break from all the nature AND get roughly 900lbs of jelly beans for the long drive ahead.

16-Moving-San-Diego-to-Seattle 17-Moving-San-Diego-to-Seattle

We arrived in Bend, OR and stayed in Gary’s folks tiny-house / cottage they recently finished. We basically just played in the water and camped with friends while in the area.

18-Moving-San-Diego-to-Seattle 19-Moving-San-Diego-to-Seattle 20-Moving-San-Diego-to-Seattle 21-Moving-San-Diego-to-Seattle 22-Moving-San-Diego-to-Seattle 23-Moving-San-Diego-to-Seattle 24-Moving-San-Diego-to-Seattle 25-Moving-San-Diego-to-Seattle

Above: Sparks Lake: We’ve made, dedicated and celebrated many major life decisions here. It only seemed right to do the same for this one…with a jar of champagne. Obviously.

26-Moving-San-Diego-to-Seattle 27-Moving-San-Diego-to-Seattle

On our final leg of the journey, we stopped for a quick hike to a waterfall somewhere in Oregon. It’s blowing our minds how green it is up here and how much water there is compared to California.


With the help from friends and family, we successfully moved into our super duper tiny little apartment without any real problems. Below is one of the sunsets that welcomed us to the area (viewed from our back patio). We’re incredibly excited to be here and start our new life in the great PacNW. It’s going to be 3,000% nuts with school schedules and upcoming adventures and travels, but we’re game for it!


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