Olympic Peninsula Camping Trip

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Hopefully this will be one of many trips to the Olympic Peninsula while we’re living here in Washington, it’s a crazy amazing place! Ocean, lakes, beaches, mountains (with glaciers) and rainforests… so much beauty packed into one relatively small place! Above: Lake Crescent on our way to the coast. The lake has unbelievably beautiful clear and bright blue water. When we were driving around it and looking down into little coves it seriously looked like the Mediterranean – minus the pine trees around the waters edge of course :) Below: Our camp site for the long weekend near Rialto Beach. The forests here are magical looking. Oh, it’s also where they filmed Twilight, so there’s that, for all you fans out there… eh hem, Carly ;)

Olympic-Peninsula-Camp-Gary-Corutney02 Olympic-Peninsula-Camp-Gary-Corutney03 Olympic-Peninsula-Camp-Gary-Corutney04 Olympic-Peninsula-Camp-Gary-Corutney05 Olympic-Peninsula-Camp-Gary-Corutney06 Olympic-Peninsula-Camp-Gary-Corutney07 Olympic-Peninsula-Camp-Gary-Corutney08Olympic-Peninsula-Camp-Gary-Corutney09

Above: Visiting the Hoh Rain Forest. So much greenery and life everywhere! This area receives over 150 inches of rain a year! That’s a crazy amount of water! So everything is lush, dense and beautiful. Below: Fishing the Hoh River. It has a really cool milky color to it – from the glacier silt that feeds into it upstream.

Olympic-Peninsula-Camp-Gary-Corutney10 Olympic-Peninsula-Camp-Gary-Corutney11 Olympic-Peninsula-Camp-Gary-Corutney12 Olympic-Peninsula-Camp-Gary-Corutney13 Olympic-Peninsula-Camp-Gary-Corutney14 Olympic-Peninsula-Camp-Gary-Corutney15

Our happy place. The beach!!!!

Olympic-Peninsula-Camp-Gary-Corutney16 Olympic-Peninsula-Camp-Gary-Corutney17.1 Olympic-Peninsula-Camp-Gary-Corutney19Olympic-Peninsula-Camp-Gary-Corutney20Olympic-Peninsula-Camp-Gary-Courtney-30Olympic-Peninsula-Camp-Gary-Corutney21Olympic-Peninsula-Camp-Gary-Courtney-31Olympic-Peninsula-Camp-Gary-Corutney22


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