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Summer Wrap-up in the PNW

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We spent the last part of the summer trying to pack in as much fun as we could before our crazy school schedules began. We had about 6 weeks to explore the area (take a few work trips back south), unpack from our move, and get acquainted with our new life… you know…  learn the area, get lost a lot, find grocery stores, find good beer/breweries, DMV stuff, schedule tuition payments, unpack our little apartment (we still had way too much stuff – even after getting rid of most of it back in SoCal), find a church, make friends, etc. But more importantly, before the loooong, dark, rainy winter arrived we (Gary, aka Capt’n Adventure) felt very pressured to get out and explore the area before hibernation set in… so, we were off!

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So much time playing in the lake. The girls LOVED jumping off the docks and playing around on the SUP.

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Above: visiting beaches on the Puget Sound and discovering local waterfalls. We love the diversity of this area! Below: Making new friends.


Above: A very quick work trip down to San Diego (wedding in La Jolla), we had one free evening that we spent at the beach with good friends (and fun surf and warm water) that we will truly miss. Below: Another work trip (wedding) in Yosemite for a quick weekend. Yosemite was very hot and smoky from all the summer fires. But we still were able to find some water and ditch the heat.

PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney25 PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney26 PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney27.1 PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney29 PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney30 PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney31 PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney32

Daddy daughter weekend on the Oregon coast with Team Strubhar.

PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney33.1 PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney35 PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney36.1 PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney39 PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney40 PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney41 PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney43PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney42 PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney44 PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney45

On a rainy weekend our family visited Mt Rainier National Park, and per usual, the girls were all about filling out their Jr Park Ranger packets.

PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney46 PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney47 PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney50.1

For some reason, we got sick a lot after the move (probably b/c this climate is so different… and new people… new germs, etc), but the first couple weeks of Sept were VERY INTENSE with sickness and class assignments and juggling all the different school schedules.

All three Christenson ladies started classes in September… Charlotte started preschool, Joelle started 1st grade, and Courtney started her grad program…. and Gary started fishing for salmon ;) and working like crazy of course (editing photos & designing).

PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney51.1 PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney53.1 PacNW-Summer-Gary-Courtney55

This is Lake Washington, we live very close to it and loved spending time in/near it this summer. Already making plans for the area for next summer! The options are endless for fun and adventure. If you wanna join us, hit us up and lets plan something fun together!

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