Change is Hard

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We haven’t been good about blogging since we moved, and I (Courtney) would like to tell you all a bit about why that is.

When we moved, we changed nearly every aspect of our lives. Not every, because Gary kept his job with Big Deal Branding, we kept our children, and we stayed married. But other than those thing, we essentially changed every aspect of our life.

Turns out, that’s a difficult thing to do. I went from being a full-time mom to a grad student/full-time mom. We went from being a homeschooling family to a public school and preschool family. We went from two cars to one. We went from owning our 4b/2b house to renting a tiny little 2b/2b apartment. We went from a beach family to a mountain family. We went from a super flexible and casual lifestyle to a very busy schedule to maintain. Gary and I went from doing nearly everything together to doing nearly nothing together except a couple evenings a week and the weekends (like normal people).

And it’s hard. It’s GOOD in many ways. But it’s hard.

I love that I’ve got a thing that’s mine. I love that I’m not homeschooling (and so does Jo. And so does my husband.) I love being in school. I love what I’m learning and who I am becoming. Gary loves the area. He is taking full advantage of hunting, fishing, exploring and is already making plans for the spring/summer. The kids are stoked on their schools. They love our new apartment because we have neighbors with kids their ages, a playground about 20 yards away, and a soccer field outside our backdoor.

These are all good things, and the changes they are bringing are making us into the people we want to become! They truly are. We feel like there is so much more out there for us to do – places to go and people that we might be able to help… that are in far off places that aren’t easy or comfortable to get to. There’s more to life than just living in comfort and establishing a normal/safe routine. There’s more to life than just working more so that you can pay more bills. There’s even more to life than having fun BBQs and chillin’ at the beach every weekend (like we’ve done for the last 5+ years) – those are amazingly great things, but there’s still got to be more to life than that! We became a little too complacent and a little too comfortable in Southern California over the last couple years, so we chose to mix it up, to stretch, to change and to grow… but the growing pains SUCK!!! Big time. I miss my husband, and he misses me. I have a built in community at school, but Gary doesn’t. He likes to do stuff (surprise, surprise) and between the kid’s school schedule, my school schedule and homework, I’m not very available to do all the fun things he wants to do together which is super hard for him. There’s been a lot of miscommunications and discussions about balance.

We’re not quite nailing it yet. But it feels like we are making some progress. I think. Maybe.

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