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GaryHollywoodJust incase you’re not getting it, the above image is obviously a joke – although, I am kind of a big deal ;)

I (Gary) had the opportunity to have a nice long chat with some really awesome fellow dads. We talked about life’s messiness, dad-hood, the backstory of Courtney and I’s move, the catalyst that sent us down this path, my role as a husband and father, and what life looks like for us now in Seattle (the struggles and the joys). I really enjoyed my time with Josh, Zach, and Chad (thanks for having me on fellas!) You can find more info about Discovering Dad here.

I hope that other new or used dads can listen in and be challenged and encouraged. The fact is that none of us really know what we’re doing as husbands and fathers, but during this podcast we had some really genuine conversations, heartfelt concerns, and tough questions to answer about what we’re all striving to become – an actively engaged dad and a loving husband (with a bigger story to tell). Hope you enjoy:

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