Winder Roundup

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Time is flying!!! Here’s a quick image roundup of our winter. First up, later in the fall we bought an old VW Vanagon and have been slowly fixing it up to be our adventure mobile for the great Pacific Northwest. It’s a finicky old vehicle, but it brings the party wherever we go :)

Gary-and-Courtney-PacNW-Winter-02.1Gary-and-Courtney-PacNW-Winter-02.2 Gary-and-Courtney-PacNW-Winter-09Gary-and-Courtney-PacNW-Winter-07.1Gary-and-Courtney-PacNW-Winter-10.1

Above: The girls have been liking all sorts of new foods since our move up north. We absolutely love it! Long gone are the days of chicken nuggets and quesadillas for every meal ;) Below: Courtney’s Cohort who are on the long tiring journey together (ICD Graduate Program), a rad group of world changers!!! … and below that, while the family is sleeping, Gary is out before dawn with some buddies trying to catch some salmon and trout!

Gary-and-Courtney-PacNW-Winter-12 Gary-and-Courtney-PacNW-Winter-13.1 Gary-and-Courtney-PacNW-Winter-15

Ahhh, the warmth of a fire on a cold winter night ;) Here’s a glimpse into our apartment. It’s a small footprint, but it has everything we need (and helps us keep out what we don’t), so we’re stoked.


After Christmas in Seattle we headed down to Bend, OR to spend some time with friends and family… sledding, skiing, beer-ing, hot tubbing, etc… you know, the usual Bend winter activities.

Gary-and-Courtney-PacNW-Winter-17 Gary-and-Courtney-PacNW-Winter-18 Gary-and-Courtney-PacNW-Winter-19.1 Gary-and-Courtney-PacNW-Winter-21 Gary-and-Courtney-PacNW-Winter-22

Joelle and Charlies first time on skis. They loved it and did so good. I was a proud [bearded] papa bear! Many more ski trips to come.

Gary-and-Courtney-PacNW-Winter-23 Gary-and-Courtney-PacNW-Winter-24

A quick biz (and surf) trip to SoCal for Gary.


Below: On a random winter weekend we loaded up the van, took a ferry and met up with some friends for some camping on the Olympic Peninsula.

Gary-and-Courtney-PacNW-Winter-30Gary-and-Courtney-PacNW-Winter-29 Gary-and-Courtney-PacNW-Winter-32.1

It wouldn’t be a trip in a 30 year old VW without a little wrenchin’ to be done – which is the downside to choosing this type of vehicle for our adventure mobile, but thankfully we have an amazing community that helps each other out along the way – which is one of the main reasons we travel in packs, to rescue each other, haha. We really do appreciate the VW community up here, they are adventurous folk who are all about getting out and enjoying the area (surfing, beaches, mountain lakes, fishing, mtn biking, etc… not hippies, these folks are explorers and we love it).

Gary-and-Courtney-PacNW-Winter-31 Winter_Blog-82Gary-and-Courtney-PacNW-Winter-36 Gary-and-Courtney-PacNW-Winter-37

We hit up the Wild Animal park near Sequim in the vans – it’s a drive through animal park with bears, tigers, zebras, buffalo, etc. It was a ton of fun for the whole fam.


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