Birthday Man Trip

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If you haven’t caught on by now, we’re into giving experiences as gifts. So for my (Gary’s) birthday this year Courtney planned a weekend guys getaway on the central coast of Oregon. Before she headed off to her Thursday night class she handed me this note: “You leave at 6am tomorrow…” and a packing list. Game on! It was like a scavenger hunt, one clue at various stages of the trip.


Stop #1 was an early meet up at my good buddy Ryan’s house in Tacoma (aka @poseidonsbeard) for breakfast Acai Bowls and coffee. At sunrise I opened the second piece of paper and it gave us an address in Oregon, so we hit the long rainy road all the way down towards Reedsport. The weekend forecast called for 100% chance of rain on the Oregon coast, but The Good Lord gave us a full weekend of great weather. Only a few thunderstorms quickly passing through. We arrived on the coast to my brother in law Matt (aka “Greenleaf”) and my other good buddy Matt (aka “Strubhar”) who had the dirt bikes unloaded from the trailer and prepped for shreddin’… so we got straight to it!

Below: Supershaka from Ryan – it’d been the better part of a decade since he was working (and shredding) at a motocross park in SoCal (he broke his femur during a race and hadn’t really rode since), but he was pumped to be back on a bike (he is very good… as is Strubhar… Greenleaf and I mainly spent our time watching in awe as those two mobbed all over those dunes… it was pure enjoyment to watch them).

Dirtbike-Oregon-Man-Trip-03 Dirtbike-Oregon-Man-Trip-04 Moto-5Moto-1

That night we drank beer-soda and ate the freshest (and best tasting) charbroiled oysters I ever had… it wasn’t a perfect pairing, but was close ;) Throughout the weekend we tried to find some surf, but the waves just weren’t working :( We did find a skatepark though, which always excites Strubhar.

Dirtbike-Oregon-Man-Trip-07 Dirtbike-Oregon-Man-Trip-08 Dirtbike-Oregon-Man-Trip-12

We did some house boating and some vehicle drooling in Reedsport.


We ended up doing 3 different dune sessions. Two near Winchester Bay and one near Florence. It was my first time riding on the sand so I wasn’t very good, but had a great time learning! Over the last couple years I’ve ridden a bunch in Central Oregon on the dirt, but the sand was a whole new ballgame. Challenging, but so fun… and soft… for all the times I went over the handlebars.

Dirtbike-Oregon-Man-Trip-10 Dirtbike-Oregon-Man-Trip-11 Dirtbike-Oregon-Man-Trip-13 Dirtbike-Oregon-Man-Trip-14

Last but not least, we spent some time riding on the edge of the mighty Pacific. Thanks fellas (and Courtney) for a fun man trip! No broken bones, just good times.


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