Spring Has Sprung

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Here’s an update on where we’re at these days. The Spring here rivals the fall, so beautiful! The days are getting longer and the flowers and trees are blooming like crazy. Life somehow keeps getting busier and busier, but we’re still managing to get out and enjoy the area bit by bit… even with a lot of sickness for our family and late nights and very early mornings… I think we’re all a little “over it” at this point (finals weeks)… just so busy and scattered, but we’re only about one year from being done with Court’s graduate program, crazy to think about! Who knows what next summer will bring for our little family?!? Above & Below: Exploring the EMP building and the Space Needle.

Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-02 Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-03 Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-04 Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-05 Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-06 Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-07

SUPing and beach bonfires on the Puget Sound… it’s a lake-like ocean… yah, kinda weird (where are the waves man!?!), but totally beautiful!

Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-08 Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-09

Above: More van work :) basically me just learning from the master Jamie, all preventative maintenance at this point. Below: A quick trip to Whidbey Island with the family to eat pie and explore the island.

Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-10 Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-11 Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-12 Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-14 Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-15

Above: The Konzelman brothers have become good friends to us up here, showing us the good eats, playing good music and having some fun and adventures together. Below: Drew and Gary hitting up some Spring skiing.

Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-16 Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-17 Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-18

Sunset paddle boarding and fishing on Lake Washington (very close to our apartment). The weather is getting so nice now!

Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-19 Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-20

Gary took a quick trip to New Orleans for business to visit a clients trade show booth (and marketing/product materials) he designed.


More beach exploring, vanning, and hanging with friends.

Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-22 Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-25

We took a weekend trip (sans kids) in the van to camp and hang with friends in the very NW corner of the USA. Yet another ferry ride (below) and then a long drive up and over the Olympic Peninsula towards Neah Bay & Cape Flattery… unbelievably beautiful country, worth the journey for sure.


Above: It’s hard to tell, but Betty (our van) got a recent paint job on the front and sides (it’s a textured truck bed liner of sorts), and new dark rims/wheels, and bigger beefier tires… slowly but surely she’s getting more and more rugged and fixed up. Below: The life of a grad student… when theres downtime, she’s always working hard!!!


Follow those vans to the campsite!

Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-30 Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-31Spring-86

Van shenanigans (offroading in 30 year old 2 wheel drive vans… you’d be amazed where these things can go) and some fun small surf with the boys.

Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-32 Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-33 Spring-Gary-Courtney-PacNW-29

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