PNW Mid Summer Recap

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It’s been a whirlwind of a summer so far. We’ll try and catch you up here in this [all over the place and kinda messy] blog post. Things are warming up and we’ve been getting outside as often as we can to enjoy the area. It’s so beautiful up here in the PacNW. School is out and it’s a whole new challenge trying to figure out how to get work and grad school done while the kids are in tow.

gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-02 gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-03

Courtney has been crushing her grad school work. She’s planning a photo event for the fall and is making progress on her thesis. It’s crazy to think that we only have 1 more year left here… who knows what’ll happen after that!

gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-04 gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-05

Courtney met up with good friend Jenny in Denmark to attend the Women Deliver conference (the world’s largest global conference on the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women).

gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-06-1 gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-06 gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-09 gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-10

Back home, we’ve been having fun and exploring the area. Below are some ice caves that we checked out one weekend. So rad. The pictures don’t do the size of the caves justice, and the whole area had countless waterfalls and tons of natural beauty.

gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-11-1 gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-13 gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-14 gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-15 gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-16

Took Joelle for a quick turkey hunt on my grandfathers land in eastern Washington. We mainly just camped and target practiced, and we almost got a turkey.

gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-17 DCIM101GOPRO

Quick trip to Bend, OR to visit friends and family… and (below) TRY to surf their new standing wave in the river… it was much harder than we’d care to admit.

DCIM101GOPRO gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-20-1 gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-23-1DCIM101GOPROgary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-25

Back in WA, mountain biking above and below Gary’s bro-in-law had his first AVP beach volleyball tournament here in Seattle.

gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-26 gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-28

More exploring… trying our hardest to beat the crowds… it’s SO busy up here in the summer… which is cool that everyone in Seattle loves to get outside and explore! But it just makes it hard to find some quiet and solitude. So we’ve been venturing deeper into the wood and driving farther to find a few hidden gems.

gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-29 gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-30 gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-31-1 gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-35-1 gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-38-1 DCIM100GOPRO gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-41

Oh #VanLife … there always seems to be something goin’ down with our 30 year old van. Yet, she keeps on chugging right along. Below is a quick fishing trip with my buddy Andrew.

gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-43-1 gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-44 gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-45 gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-46 gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-47 gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-48 gary-and-courtney-pnw-earlysummer-49

More trips to Bend to play in the playground that is Central Oregon.


The Paulina area is a gem, and below is a lake side hot spring, so cool.

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