More Summer Adventures

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Well, you guessed it, we took another trip to B.C. (it’s honestly been a goal of ours to hit it up a lot since we live this close right now). We met Team Strubhar at the family lake house on Lake Okanagan for a long weekend of playing in the water.

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Man trip to the coast for some surf! Met up with Kirk & KL (friends from B.C.) and scored a super fun surf session.

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Binge watching some stars. And then fueling up for a little hike the next morning.

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Exploring and scoring some sweet river spots to beat the heat and the crowds.

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Work trip with a side of play to Bend. First time downhill Mtn Biking (Mt Bachelor). So fun.

gary-courtney-pnw-latesummer-24 gary-courtney-pnw-latesummer-25

When in Bend, spend the night on a mountain lake in a sail boat.

gary-courtney-pnw-latesummer-26 gary-courtney-pnw-latesummer-27

More family camping. This time up in the North Cascades.

gary-courtney-pnw-latesummer-28 gary-courtney-pnw-latesummer-29 gary-courtney-pnw-latesummer-30 gary-courtney-pnw-latesummer-31 gary-courtney-pnw-latesummer-32 gary-courtney-pnw-latesummer-33 gary-courtney-pnw-latesummer-34

Camping and testing out the muzzleloaders for elk season.

gary-courtney-pnw-latesummer-35 gary-courtney-pnw-latesummer-36 gary-courtney-pnw-latesummer-37

Took an end of summer hike with my buddy Andrew to catch some cutthroat – we had a healthy competition going on and each caught 10 fish in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

gary-courtney-pnw-latesummer-38 gary-courtney-pnw-latesummer-39 gary-courtney-pnw-latesummer-40

More exploring and having fun.

gary-courtney-pnw-latesummer-41 gary-courtney-pnw-latesummer-42DCIM104GOPROgary-courtney-pnw-latesummer-44

Getting ready to install Courtney’s gallery!


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