Deep Dark Winter

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We [barely] survived what was technically Seattle’s wettest and darkest winters (seriously – the last two winters had the┬áleast light and most rain they’ve seen since they started keeping record… fun!). Here’s some of what went on…. first up, Christmas tree hunting and camping on Black Friday – OPT OUT!

Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-02 Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-03

Our apartment was tiny, but had everything we needed. Spent a lot of time indoors working on art with the kids and working on the van in the apartment parking lot.

Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-04 Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-05

“It never snows in Seattle” says the locals… snowed like 6 times last winter.

Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-06 Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-07

Took a trip up to northern Washington (Winthrop area) to stay with Gary’s Aunt and visit the cousins. Loved living the yurt life!

Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-08 Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-09 Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-10 Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-11 Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-12

Back in Seattle doing art, enjoying more snow (again) and taking part in some protests… oh, and building out some interior stuff on the new adventure van.

Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-13 Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-14

Phase 1 was to build a back slide out kitchen. Maximizing storage! Let’s go test it out on an annual birthday man trip! Good looking adventure rigs! Let’s get out there.

Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-15 Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-16 Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-17

Heater Buddies on full blast those couple nights up in the mountains. Brrr.

Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-18 Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-19

Growing the ‘Beard of Sorrows’… kept me and my soul warm and toasty ;)


Ferrying out to the Olympic Peninsula… to what would be a very rainy camping trip. But good times nonetheless. No bad days.

Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-21 Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-22 Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-24Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-25 Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-23Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-26 Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-27 Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-28

More building. Phase 2 was building out the rest of the interior (overhead back cabinets, side cabinets and bar, and underseat storage). In all, we have two queen sized beds that sleep 4 comfortably and a kitchen in the front and back. Mmm hmmm. These two gents below, Ryan and Drew, helped me out along the way. Grateful for bros who inspire, dream, plan and lend a helping a hand.

Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-29 Washington-Winter-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-30

I’m certain our apartment neighbors hated me by the time I was done building things out! Took all winter… but it kept me sane and alive… not even kidding. Seattle was very challenging for us in a lot of ways. Working on the van was a fun and healthy project for the long winter.


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