The Hope of Spring

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Out of the winter gloom as life awakens in the Pacific Northwest. Life was insanely busy with work, grad school, kids school, buying a house, selling a house, moving, etc), but we tried to get out and enjoy the area in our Adventuremobile (which everyone thinks is a mega RV, haha, but it’s actually just a really tall van that’s primed and ready for road trips and camping).

Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-02 Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-03 Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-04 Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-05

More van building. Getting ready for the summer. New suspension, new electrical for the house system, finished the interior build, sleeps four comfortably… ready for adventure!

Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-06 Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-07

If life wasn’t crazy enough with Courtney finishing her thesis, she also started part time with one of her favorite organizations (going full time after graduation), but we also decided to buy a fixer upper house in Bend and sell our house down in San Diego (that we had been renting out for the last two years – which essentially paid for Court’s grad school, which is the only way we could have moved to Seattle for her program for that amount of time – grateful!). So me and some buddies made our way down to California to prep the house for sale (and have some fun along the way – snowboarding Tahoe and surfing in Baja). We prepped the house for sale and it sold in a week. Bittersweet for sure… we had a lot of fun growing our family in the sun and surf, but onward and upward to Bend, OR to keep raising them in a great community.

Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-08 Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-09 Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-10 Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-11 Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-12 Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-13

Shedding the Beard of Sorrows.


Turkey hunting in eastern Washington, family style! Testing out the new interior van build. Worked great. And we actually got a turkey. What luck!

Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-15 Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-16 Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-17 Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-18 Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-19 Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-20 Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-21 Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-22

Courtney defending her thesis! Two years of craziness, living in the tiniest apartment, and insane amounts of hard work on her part, and she did it! So proud. She got her Masters degree in International Community Development and then started full time with her favorite organization Preemptive Love Coalition as their Content Manager.

Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-23 Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-24 Washington-Spring-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-25

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