PacNW Summer

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Well, we moved from Seattle to Oregon and couldn’t be more pumped on it! And we actually stuck around this summer and tried to settle into our new life in Central Oregon – house remodeling, adjusting to new work schedules, exploring the immediate area with friends and family… it’s been extremely busy but lots of fun as well! More below…

Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-02 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-03Summer-8 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-04 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-06

Endless renovation projects… this house is gonna take a while… but it’s got epic potential! We bought a house in the Old Farm section of the Old Mill. It’s the best of both worlds, we have a half acre right in town and awesome neighbors! Most of our neighbors we’ve known for the last decade and all have kids around the same ages – what luck!!! Best neighborhood we’ve ever lived in hands down. We also started doing a few small projects on the property, one of which is camp circle for friends to come and visit and camp in our yard.

Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-07 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-08 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-10 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-11

More Oregon exploration in the Adventure Mobile.

Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-12 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-13Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-13.2

We hiked into Bagby Hot springs, such a rad experience, and then jammed over to Portlandia to check out some protests going on – what a crazy world we live in. Courtney published a few articles about these protests: Portland and Seattle

Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-14 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-15 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-16 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-17 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-18

One of the best free campsites on planet earth… right here in Central Oregon.

Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-19 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-20 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-21 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-22 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-23 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-24 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-25

One of a few beach trips this summer for some surfing, sand dune exploring and fun in the sun.

Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-26 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-27 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-28 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-29 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-31 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-32 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-34 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-35

The Adventure Mobile, it’s in natural habitat… doing what it does best – exploring. Below: lots of neighborhood bbqs and tons of river floating and swimming – it got very hot this summer (80’s and 90’s for months), so we were jumping in a river or lake almost daily.

Stuffs-10Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-36 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-37

Charley, such a crazy li’l lady. She’s my adventure buddy.

Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-38 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-38.2 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-39 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-40

More camping in the area. Checking out the greater area of Crater Lake. Above: The girls sleep in a large bed up top (that folds and unfolds out) while us parents sleep on the bench seat that lays down flat (making a queen sized bed). We sleep and travel quite comfortably in this rig. Not bad for a crusty ole van ;) Gets us out and about (and lets us stay out) very easily.

Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-41 Stuffs-4Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-42

We hung out at Crater Lake and hiked down the rim to the water and jumped in! Why not? It’s some of the most beautiful water we’ve ever encountered. Chilly, but beautiful.

Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-43 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-44 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-45 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-46 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-47 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-48 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-49 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-50 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-51 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-52

Boys surf trip to the Oregon coast.

Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-53 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-54

Some of our favorite people, Carly & Amos, stopped by for a visit to camp at our camp-circle and to have a day of fun in the area… so we showed them some local eats, waterfalls, views and lakeside hot springs.

Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-55 Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-56Bend-Oregon-Summer-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-58

Testing out the camp circle in our backyard… worked like a charm.

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