Fall – see you out there!

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We teamed up with Benjamin Edwards and Westside and produced a video, photography and graphics for a new series:

Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-03 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-04

Lake exploring while the weather stayed nice (before deep dark winter approaches).

Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-05 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-06 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-07

Renovation fun! Raised the sunken floor, brought down some walls, opened it up, new kitchen all the way around, DIY hardwood floor installation, blah blah blah…. just  a lot of hard work! Thankful for family and friends that have helped us on the countless projects we have going on… living in construction zone is not a lot of fun, but we’re slowly making progress… first the inside is being renovated, then we’ll get to the outside (paint, landscaping, etc).

Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-08 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-09 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-10 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-11 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-12

Ahhhh, Fall.

Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-13 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-14

Descend on Bend. Camping out in the Oregon Outback. Hosted by the legendary mountain man Poseidon’s Beard.

Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-15 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-16 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-17

Music by our friends the Konzelman Brothers.

Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-18 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-19

Gary got into Archery this year. Chasing elk and deer around the forests of Oregon (with Bailey (our black lab) in tow (not out hunting, but holding down camp)). No luck this year with bringing back some meat for the family, but we got pretty close and had a lot of fun!

Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-20 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-21 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-22 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-23.1

Joelle had a Harry Potter themed bday, she turned 9! Craziness. For our anniversary we made a quick trip to Coast Rica to relax and surf, and connect with some awesome friends.

Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-24 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-25 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-26 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-27 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-28 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-29 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-30 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-31 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-32 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-33 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-34 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-35

Back in Oregon, to the coast for some camping and exploring.

Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-36 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-37 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-38 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-39 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-40Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-23.2

The house is slowly coming together. We’ll do some before and after at some point. We’ll be doing fine finish stuff this winter, but the house is totally livable and so much better than it was when we bough it – quite the transformation!

Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-41 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-42

New school pics of the growing ladies, and a trip to San Diego for Thanksgiving (seeing friends and Courtney’s family, surfing, eating In-N-Out and Mexican food, playing on the beach, getting our minds blown by every epic sunset, etc).

Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-43 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-44 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-45 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-46 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-47 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-48 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-49 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-50 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-51 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-52 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-53

Joelle, hanging ten while watching Courtney surf.

Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-54 Fall-Gary-Courtney-Christenson-55

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