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Mel & Ryan

Mel and Ryan had the craziest mix of cultures and ideas that we’ve ever experienced: Korean wedding ceremony (Mel is Korean), Bourbon Bars (Ryan is from Kentucky), and Mexico (the wedding was in Cabo). And yet. it all worked perfectly. Although, in all fairness, every event that Sarai and Martha of Signature Mexico design is […]

Paris Birthday Surprise

Remember that time Gary gave me the surprise of a lifetime and whisked me away to Paris for my 30th birthday??? It’s so outrageous and the sort of thing that happens in chick flicks that three weeks later I’m still a little afraid that maybe it was all a dream. I knew he’d been planning […]

Carly Kolbo - I adore your love outrageous love for each other and adventure. You make life grand!
(And I thought I was cool for surprising Amos with a Vegas trip for his 30th. Ha!)

Krysta - I think it’s amazing you were eating French toast when you found out you were going to France. :)

Jenna Strubhar - Perfect. I cried every time you mentioned crying and grinned the rest of the time. :) What a story! An inspiration! Love every bit of this.

2013 Gary vs Courtney

This past year marks our 6th wedding season and it was the season that made Gary and I each really felt like we hit our stride in wedding photography. We are more confident in our skills, style and abilities than we’ve ever been before. It’s a great place to be and we wanted to share […]

Jesse - LOVE this post :D

You guys had a pretty kick-ass year!

Sara & Paul

Sara and Paul. These two. They are just down right phenomenal people. They kick MAJOR ass at life in general, so why would their wedding be any different? I really struggled to figure out how to properly introduce this wedding…so let’s suffice it to say that this wedding was AMAZING. As in, every twenty minutes […]

Carly Kolbo - This wedding is a force to be reckoned with! Love the images, as always!

Josh - Great job. It looks like they killed it!

Nathan Strubhar - WOW! That looks like the funnest wedding ever! Great job as always capturing the awesomeness

Lindsay & Cody

After every wedding, Gary and I debrief about the day on our way home or to our hotel. After Lindsay and Cody’s wedding up in the Bay Area, we hopped in our car, looked at each other, and both exclaimed ”That was such a GREAT wedding! There are a few things that never fail to make for a joy-filled wedding: 1) […]

Sandee Drake - As a former high school teacher for both Casey and Cody, i am so pleased to have the opportunity to see your photos of Cody’s wedding. thanks so much for sharing such great pictures.
How wonderful to see them all grown up, so many years after high school. merci,gracias Sandee

Erin & Geoff

What can we say, Erin & Geoff brought THE PARTY like we’ve rarely seen before. The laughter, the joy and the dancing… oh the dancing :) The reception was nothing but one giant dance party – so much energy, we loved it! Erin & Geoff, thank you for choosing us to capture your day. It was […]

Jenna & Ryan

You wouldn’t know it from these photos, but Jenna and Ryan’s wedding took place in the heart of Orange County. Smashed between highways, cityscapes and manicured medians, this beautiful canyon (that was a working cattle camp up until the early 80′s) is hidden by the hills that surround it. It’s casual vibe was perfect for […]

Sandy Lee - Awesome , as usual! You captured some great moments!

A Heart That Cares

For those of you that don’t know, Courtney wrote and published a children’s book recently. Yes, it’s pretty random, but extremely exciting :) You can find more info on the “back story” here. The book is finally complete, in stock, and ready for purchase! Please visit to learn all about “A Heart That Cares” […]

Our Summer

What a summer! Phew. Lots happened, lots is still happenin’, and our fall is lookin’ to be just as bonkers with some fun trips and amazing photoshoots all over the place… lets try and catch ya up. First up, we had our mugs shot by the the amazing Thrive Photography when Julie was visiting from […]

Marmie Kay - LOVED all the pic GARY!!!

Josh - So thankful for you, for your family, for your support, and for your awesome adventures that inspire us all!

Amos - Dude all those GoPro pics are inspiring!!! I HAVE to start using mine more on our adventures. PROPS and HUGS

Jennifer & John: Elopement

We try not to have favorites. But we might make an exception for this incredible elopement. This was the first elopement we have had the pleasure of shooting and I’ve gotta say…we’d really love to do more of them! We love that with elopements the focus is only on getting married, that there is no […]

Becky - All of this! So fantastic. Great work, guys :-)

Tanja - These are so romantic. I love how it’s all about them! :)

Marcia Williams - Jenny, you look so pretty! I love the slide show, made me smile. Congratulations John and Jenny.

Carly Kolbo - I LOVE this. So romantic and meaningful. Great images!!!

Susan (not your Mom) Schechter - You are the smartest couple! Best wishes for a long and satisfying marriage.

Nathan Strubenhogan - Love it! These shots are amazing! Looks like you had way too much fun

sharon - thats so rad!

Laura & Timothy

Everything about Laura & Tim’s wedding was lovely, classy and happy. It was a joy to be a part of from start to finish! There was no tension or stress and everyone just rolled with the punches of the day. Gary and I had a field day with the chill timeline, happy and relaxed couple and beautiful venues. The wedding was […]

Gary - Thank you for having us Laura :) It was an absolute pleasure!

Laura Johnson - We are absolutely in love with our photos! Thank you for perfectly capturing our perfect day!


[Images by Gary & Courtney, words by Courtney] “Your wedding day goes by so fast, you probably won’t even remember it”… they say that cliches are cliches for a reason, but this is one that I happen to disagree with. Now don’t get me wrong: Wedding days DO fly by. Minutes seem like seconds and […]

sarah elwer - These are awesome. That dance floor picture with the ties still makes me laugh so hard!

Rena - Totally awesome moments. You two are so talented. And I love Bryce’s laugh. So full of joy. :)

Rebecca - YOU GUYS!!! You are just too amazing…

NatRay - These are amazing.. Made me tear up a little actually!! You guys are amazing!

Brittany Mosquera - SO true and that is what makes you guys BRILLIANT!

Jennifer & Rafael

We had the absolute pleasure of heading down south to photograph Jennifer & Rafael’s wedding just outside of San Jose del Cabo, at the Barcelo. Rafael and his family are all from Greece and had quite the international crowd show up for their destination wedding on the beach. It was so much fun connecting with […]

BenaBasil - What a beautiful wedding! So well captured.

Nicole & Sam

Nicole & Sam got married last month at The Parker in Palm Springs. We also shot their engagement session down in Solana Beach last fall (view their engagement photos here). Sam and Nicole had SO many beautiful moments at their wedding and clearly have a love for each other that is beyond understanding. It was a beautiful wedding […]

Eli to Mt Everest

A CRAZY IDEA: This story began almost two years ago when I was approached by Justin Reimer (founder of The Elisha Foundation), and Kevin Padgett (our Team Leader) with the idea of trekking to Mt. Everest Base Camp. However, the idea was bigger than just a group of friends going on an adventure. This adventure had […]

Delshad - Absolutely the coolest story I have ever heard about accomplishing an awesome goal. I’m proud of Eli! I’m inspired by him! Cheers to all of you!

Tim - What a inspiring trip that your team made. Love reading your blog and loved the photos.

sarahlove - Inspirational doesn’t seem to do this story enough. It’s breathtaking. Even down to the last bbq chip. Thank you for sharing this!

Amy Wood - I knew you would be writing this when you got home and I just couldn’t wait to read it. Your story moved me to tears! I am so very proud of this team! You all have inspired me and my family (especially Eli)! Amazing story and pictures!!!Thanks for sharing!

crystal - My boys absolutely loved this story. I read through the whole thing with them as an end cap to our studies on China, Nepal and India. They loved hearing about Eli more than anything else and had so many questions. What a joy to hear their little hearts as they spoke of how proud of Eli they are. The best was watching their faces melt into laughter over the pringles interlude. What a courageous and joyful young man. We are all so glad to have “met” him through this great adventure. The photos are over the top beautiful!!

Adam Baruh - The story, the photos, what an amazing journey and you captured it beautifully! Every photo is creative and captures the spirit of the adventure. Well done Gary!

anjuli paschall - beautiful. inspirational. thanks for telling such an amazing story through images. i have a million questions that i’ll have to save for a real life conversation!!!

katie lopez - Truly amazing story and incredible photographs!

Lynda Reimer - This journal and pictures are fantastic, awesome, and exciting!!! Thank you so very, very much for all the work that you put into this, either with photography, fund raising, writing this story and last but not least, leaving your sweet family at home and trekking this sensational trail! Only God could create such beauty in His world! I will just soak up the pictures, not dream of of actually doing the same thing!

As his grandparents, we could not be prouder of Eli and what he worked hard to accomplish. As for Justin, we are just as proud of him too. Who knew this strong willed child who drove his mother to distraction (or insanity at times!) would be used by the Lord to spread His Gospel in such an unique way!

We can’t wait to see how this impacts people from all over the world! We have been amazed at how far reaching this story has been. That is truly a God-thing! And now this will continue to bring awareness to those who God has especially created, who bring such love and light into our lives.

Thank you and God bless you!


Matt Snelson - dude…!!!

Anna - So proud of you guys. Beautiful story, in words, photos and heart.

josh - I couldn’t love this story any more than I do. You inspire me. Eli inspires me. Lovely!

matt sloan - this is a beautiful story. :):):)

Ravyn - Beautiful!!! I’m with Jenna! Totally teary-eyed over here. What you all did was so inspiring. I am so blessed to know you … To know such giving & loving people. Plus, you went on one of the coolest adventures of all time!!! Sending lots of love from Oregon.

Alex - Wow! How incredibly inspiring. Beautiful story accompanied by stunning images. Well done to the entire team and way to go Eli!!!!!

Jenna Strubhar - Favorite blog post ever. I cried and cried again. What an incredible inspiration this young man is, what an awesome adventure and what stellar photographs! So glad you were there to capture it all. These images make me feel like I was there with you guys (without being butt-cold or exhausted).

West Coast Road Trip

  As I mentioned in the post about our hot air balloon ride, I (Courtney) get/arrange adventures for Gary for any gift-giving occasion instead of buying him things so I knew that I had to do something BIG for his 30th birthday which was at the end of January. My solution was a road trip of epic […]

Caitlin - This trip looks fabulous! Would you be willing to share your itinerary and the length of time you were travelling?

Very cool!

Carly Kolbo - AWESOME!!!! Love Jo & her dresses. :) What an amazing trip!

Tim Rodriguez - Dude, What an epic road trip! So many good pictures and I’m sure even greater times. Love the B+W shot of Courtney and Charlotte it sure does just capture the soul of your guys’ trip. Gary: that backcountry snowboarding is definitely something I can be jealous of, along with seeing those elk!

Korey - Wow those photos are amazing!!!
Also you are very brave to take three kids on such a long road trip! I’m scared to anywhere further than an hour!

Gettin’ Published…

Well folks… We’ve got some big news. I (Courtney) have been trying to figure out how to make this sound less random, but I finally just figured that it IS pretty random, so I should probably just spit it out. Here it goes: I wrote a children’s book. And it’s being published :) Since I […]

Melissa - This is SOOO awesome!!! Creativeness and ideas what a great mix! Can’t wait to read it to MY kids!!! Keep us updated!

Jacquelyn - What a wonderful idea. I can’t wait! It’s so difficult to navigate a conversation with a young child about children who live other places and do not have the things that we have in the USA, in a way that they understand and have true compassion to fuel their hearts to make a difference! Thank you for going for it!

josh - So thrilled for you!!!!! This is so awesome and I can’t wait to read it with my kiddos!!!

Vicki Stone - Congratulations Courtney, praying God will use your book to change lives and that you will be richly blessed for your efforts.

Barb Kapple - Very excited for you! I love how you took on the challenge. Will buy as soon as it is on the market. Awesome.

Shawna Baruh - This is awesome Courtney! Fantastic idea too. I hate that bubble, I see it too in Adam’s kids and we try to tell them about how lucky they are but I feel it’s losing battle until I get them on a plane and actually SHOW them. This is perfect for young kids, a positive way to start them off thinking about others. Good Job Courtney!

Nathan Strubenhogan - Courtney! This is so freakin’ cool! I”m so excited to read this to Carter and our one on the way! Beyond stoked for you!

Julie - I can’t wait to buy it and use it in my classroom. I am always searching for books on topics about changing the worlds and making a difference. Can’t wait for it!

Jessica - Congratulations, Courtney! That is so so rad! I will have to get your book when it comes out and read it to Elijah :) xoxo

Nancy Loren - Courtney girl I’m so Proud of you!…You listened to that voice nagging inside you,made it happen, and now the blessings come! I cant wait for the book tour in Maui! ;)

Hot Air Ballooning

It’s no secret that we love adventure. But what you may not know is that we are both terrible gift-givers. And it doesn’t help that Gary is impossible to buy for. So instead of buying Gary gifts for holidays and birthdays, I buy him adventures or experiences. There are several reasons why this is awesome: We don’t need […]

Leola - Just desire to say your article is as astounding. The clarity in your publish is just nice and i could assume you are knowledgeable on this subject. Fine together with your permission let me to snatch your RSS feed to keep up to date with approaching post. Thank you a million and please keep up the enjoyable work.

Nicole & Sam: Engaged

We hung out with Nicole and Sam for an afternoon in Solana beach. They were hoping for sunny, beachy weather and instead they got a gray day with drizzly rain. It could have been a huge bummer if they had let it get them down but they remained happy, positive and up for anything. Not […]

Mt Everest Base Camp Fundraiser

Meet Elisha Reimer (above right). A vibrant teenager from Bend, OR who is the eldest of 5 kids, loves sports and the great outdoors, and has Down Syndrome. In March, I (Gary) will have the honor of joining Eli, his father Justin, and a team of supporters in Nepal as we climb to the Base […]

Jasmine - Good article. I’m dealing with some of these issues as

dancing for kids dance for kids - I think this web site contains some rattling wonderful information for everyone. “The fewer the words, the better the prayer.” by Martin Luther.

Christine Otte - Christine Otte – $75. So excited to play a little part in this!

Amos Loves Carly - We just donated $350 for a portrait session with the amazing Gary and Courtney!!

Gary - Wow wow wow! Thank you everyone!!! Absolutely amazing. We can’t ever thank you all enough for all your generosity and support with this entire project!

If you’d still like to give, please do, we’ll need all money we can get for this cause and every penny will still go straight towards our efforts in Ukraine.

Jamie - Hi! We donated $40. We are so happy to be a part of this!! Good luck, safe travels, and can’t wait to see any pics from the adventure!!! :)

~ Jamie and Kelley Chura

Roehr4+1 - Love you two! Dont think of this as a donation of a C-Note, think of it as keeping me from buying a bunch of dirty chocolate. Bring us back some pink snow, Brooklyn says its better then yellow.

clark - Jah Bless!

Gary - Craig, got it :) Awesome man. Really appreciate it!

Craig Flood - Mis-type // section 3 not 2…

Craig Flood - Craig Flood // $75.00
Section 2 // #1 Yosemite Picture

Thanks guys!

David - Donation amount: $20

The Youngrens - Donation amount: $50!!!

Gary - Wow, thank you Jacob + Christin!!! So excited to hang and photograph your beautiful mugs :)

Jacob + Christin Willis - THANK YOU for this opportunity to give!!! You are amazing!! We are crossing our fingers that there’s still a photo session with Gary + Courtney available! LOVE this cause.

Elyzabeth - $25- It isn’t much, but this wonderful cause is close to our hearts! My late aunt had disabilities and she was one of my favorite people on this planet! Praying for Gods blessings on this amazing adventure!! =]

Gary - Mahalo Woodard family! Love you guys. Thank you for the support :) Your donation has been TRIPLE MATCHED. Making it $450, what what!?!

Michael and Ciara - Donation amount :$150. Love you guys, Love your passion and LOVE that you share your lives, love and passion!!!

Gary - Thanks ladies!!! All your donations have been TRIPLED!!! Totaling $465 in donations. Thank you SO MUCH :)

Molly - Donation amount $30

Marsha & Dennis - Donation amount: $100

Elizabeth - Donation Amount: $25

Gary - Thanks so much everyone!!! Nadine, you’re $150 donation has officially been TRIPLE MATCHED making it a total of $450. So rad :)

Anonymous - Donation amount: $350 – for Adam & Shawna’s portrait session!

Nadine - Donation amount: $150

Krysta & Vince - Donation amount: $500

Gary - Thank you so much Jennifer (and Carly & Amos). Ya’ll are AMAZING!

Gary - Jennie! Awesome. THANK YOU!

Jennie - Donated $75. Image #27 please :)

Jennifer Preskey - Jennifer Preskey
#5 Photography Session
Carly & Amos- Bismarck, ND
Thanks :)

Gary - Right on Matt & Maisha. Mahalo!!!

Matt & Maisha - Donation amount: $200 You guys are awesome!!!

Nate and Jenna - Woohoo!! Thank you Coetzee family! Looking forward to it!!

Gary - THANK YOU Billie & Scott! Holla! Your donation has been matched :)

Billie & Scott - Hope our $50 helps you make your goal!!! xoxo

Gary - Alright Coetzee Fam :) Mahalo!!!

Coetzee Family - Donation amount: $350 – for Nate & Jenna’s Portrait Session

Gary - Megan! Thank you SO MUCH :)

Megan Plenge - $50…option B please! Good luck and praying for a safe trip!!

Rebecca & Bruce - Donated Amount: $350 for a portrait session with Gary & Courtney

Gary - Donation Amount: $825 in matching funds so far!!! Thank you everyone! Any donation makes a HUGE difference!

Gary - WOW! So rad. Thank you Judy!!!

Judy M - Donation amount $350 – for a portrait session for mathieu photography :)

Ali W - Boatloads of prayer! God is going to do amazing things!

Gary - Rafidah! Thank you so much! You’re gonna love that print! We can’t wait to get ours too!

Gary - Sara & Rocky – no way! Unreal :) THANK YOU!!!

Sara & Rocky - We want our big ol’ faces in a photo with you! Better pic a pretty one of us too! :)

rafidah - $50 – option 1 please :) thanks!

Gary - J&R, so rad! :)

Jim & Ravyn - We couldn’t pick a favorite so we decided to do 2 donations of $75. :) Numeros 14 & 30, please! Super excited to have the beauteous works from The Image Is Found and Sara & Rocky on our walls!

Gary - Mahalo Ajja :)

Ajja - Donated $50!!!! Can’t wait to see the pictures and hear about this really awesome trip!!!!

Gary - Thanks MISTY :) Ben is so great! Glad you snagged that!

Carolyn - Donation amount: $30

Misty - The Thrash Family is excited to support such a great cause, and are looking forward to having an opportunity to have a photo shoot with Benjamin Edwards!

He & She - Donation Amount $50

Stone - Yeah Michelle! Thank you so much! We cannot wait to shoot with you!!

Gary - Marc, THANK YOU :) You got it!

Marc Bosscher - $50, Wish I could join you but I can’t so go take me a fantastically fantastic picture please!

Gary - Nate & Jenna!!!!!! YES! Thank you. Your donation is matched!!!

Nate & Jenna - $150 matching donation. Thanks for organizing this G&C. You guys rock our socks off!

Gary - Thanks for your support James! Come join us in Nepal :)

James Stiehl - Donation amount: $100 – This is awesome. I wish I could sign up for the trek. I love the Khumbu region of Nepal!

I would like image #1.

Gary - Thanks Sean!!! It’s much appreciated!!!

Gary - Right on! Thank you Michelle, Jennifer and Tara, so RAD. A HUGE SHOUT-OUT to photographers Anjuli, Sara & Rocky and Stone – you all amazingly generous!!! We’re over 10% there!!!

Sean - Donation amount: $75 – Sarah and I would like #32 please. Thanks for doing this for an awesome cause!

Michelle - Donation amount: $350 for Stone Crandall Portrait Session! woo hoo!

Jennifer - Donation amount: $350 – for Anjuli’s Portrait Session

Tara - Donation amount: $350 – for Sara & Rocky’s Portrait Session

Shawna & Adam: Poppi, Italy

Shawna and Adam are crazy awesome. And their wedding followed suit. We met Adam and Shawna about a year ago. They live in San Diego and are also wedding photographers who found us while planning their Vermont barn wedding. We got together with them to chat about both shooting their wedding and about potentially hiring […]

Carly Kolbo - love..Love…LOVE all of it! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Bruce - (Site working now! Yes!)

These are so flippen epic guys! Well done!

Kathy Masciotra - Absolutely amazing photos! Thanks for sharing.

Nathan Strubenhogan - I seriously love your work! You guys are hands down my favorite photographers that we’re friends with from Oceanside, CA! But in all seriousness, I freakin’ love the way you take pictures. Capturing the bestest of moments. Well done friends, well done!

G&C in Italy

We had the awesome pleasure of traveling to Italy to shoot Shawna & Adam’s destination wedding in a small town in the Tuscan countryside (view their wedding blog post here). So we wanted to show you a few behind the scenes images and some fun travel images of our journey through Italy. We flew into […]

Nathan Strubenhogan - Your life looks fun! Love all these shots! Miss you guys

Cabo – Behind The Scenes

We decided to fly the family down to Cabo a week before one of our destination weddings and party it up family-style! We met up with Gary’s parents for what would be a very memorable and perfect little family trip (and a really fun and beautiful wedding as well – view Cleo & Jeremy’s wedding). […]

Phillip - These photos of Cabo are incredible! It looks like you had a really wonderful family vacation. So wonderful that you were able to capture these memories on film so that you’ll never forget the great Cabo getaway you had!

Sarah & Sean

Well, let’s start with the obvious. This wedding was freakin’ beautiful. I mean, It doesn’t get much better than Colorado in the fall…Unless, of course, you add Sarah and Sean to the mix and have them get married. Oh, and have it take place at a gorgeous mountain venue with epic views and fall colors. […]

Severine - Never seen such amazing wedding pictures! I’m blown away.. 

Krysta - LOVE.

Becky - LOVE the B&Ws with the horses :-D

Kendra & Rodney

Kendra & Rodney’s wedding hit the perfect note of rustic sophistication and was a ideal fit for their venue – a beautiful canyon just north of Santa Barbara, CA called El Capitan. The location was a dream, the bridal party and guests were super fun, and Kendra & Rodney were a complete joy to photograph. We […]

Shawna & Adam – Italy Teaser

We just returned from a whirlwind trip to Italy where we had the absolute honor of photographing Shawna & Adam’s destination wedding in a small town in Tuscany called Poppi. These two are so amazing…we don’t even have words for how rad they are and how honored we felt to be a part of their […]

R&y - seriously guys… A CASTLE?!?!?!?!


Barry (Adam's Dad) - Beautiful, simply beautiful.  Just as we remember it.

Nancy Melman (Adam's mom) - These are unbelievable. Thanks for sharing. 

Jesse - That looks so fun!  

Fall: The End is Near

We just got back from an epic little trip to Colorado for a recent wedding (teasers below). We’re nearing the end of our crazy wedding season and decided to go out with a bang… We’ve got three destination weddings in the next month: The first is next week in Boston, followed immediately by a wedding […]

erin - that there is real perdy :) no but really, so awesome!

Traveling with Kids

We love to travel. And we have 2 small children. Travel and children generally do not go hand in hand and we get a lot of shocked expressions when we tell people how much we travel with our kids. By the time Joelle was 6 months old she had been on 28 planes and qualified […]

Kelly - Lots of great, honest info here! We’re in the same stage of life, full-time wedding photographers, with two littles. We’ve held back on the travel a bit in the past few years, but we’re re-inspired again. :)

Lisa Montgomery Lomicka - Great tips and tricks! Emma had been on over 30 flights by the time she was 2 so we totally relate :) Sadly we also relate to the no naps portion of it all. It makes for lots of fun memories and conversations down the road when you can turn to each other and say “Remember that time in _________ when the kids ________? Wasn’t that awesome!”

Erin ( - Beautiful photos guys. We also travel with our kids and would love to connect with you. 

e to the claire - TONS of awesome moments, but the pics of Charles on the back of the stroller, plus the last shot, melt my heart! Way to go team Christenson ;) Keep on keepin’ on.

Jennastrubhar - I freaking love this. Some awesome laughing out loud-ness and the last photo totally made me cry! You guys are such amazing parents and your girls will always cherish these memories! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Wildeyedphotography - you guys make me excited when that time comes for me!!!!  what a fun little family :)

Adam Baruh - What an awesome post guys!  Well done

Marmie - that was a great montage of photos Gary!  FUN!!!

Jmewolff - I love you guys and the amazing parents that you are… thank you for sharing all of your life, the ups and the downs…

Jesse - So good to see it can be done!  Love this post!

Carly Kolbo - You two amaze me! I’d say your girls are mighty blessed!

Shootme - love you guys :) :) :)

Courtney & Jay

There are so many reasons why we love Oregon. It’s where we spent the first 3 years of our marriage, had our first child and is home to most of Gary’s family. But on top of all the personal meaning, we also love that people in Oregon seem to care less about the “fluff” that […]

FOB - I am very biased being the Father of the Bride but Courtney was the most beautiful bride as captured in the photos above.  This was one of the best parties I have been at in my life!

Rena - I am IN LOVE with her dress. Absolute perfection. And their house is adorable!!! Beautiful pictures, as always. :)

Erica - Really beautiful work guys. Super awesome wedding, too.

Carisa - Beautiful photos. That is one BRAVE bride walking with a coke in her hand…..

Whitney & Sage

I vividly remember the first phone conversation I had with Whitney last December. She was going into her last semester of college in Colorado getting a double major in Photography and Graphic Design and Sage (her [then] fiance) had just started Veterinarian school in the Mid West. She said she was excited when she found […]

Jesse - It’s not pretty there at all…. 

Love this!

Blayne Chastain -

Blayne Chastain -  Nice G&C!  Almost finished with the film… Will let you know when it’s done. Love the Airstream shots.

Laura & Tim: Engaged

Meet Laura & Tim. We had the pleasure of connecting with these two at the beach for their engagement session. Here’s just a few of our favorite images from our time spent together – two images from Courtney’s camera, and two images from Gary’s camera… betcha can’t guess who’s is who’s ;) Enjoy.  

Sondra & Mark

Sondra and Mark: These two Crack. Us. Up. They are silly, funny, smart, goofy and completely unapologetically themselves. We had a tremendous time with them and really couldn’t have asked for anything more. They had such fun ideas for our portrait time together: held chickens, had a sword fight with their ceremony decor, and then […]

Sara - WOW! What a fun party!!! And honestly that dress.. oh that dress! A favorite wedding dress for sure. The skeleton of it in those first pictures is so pretty too! I love it all, you guys! 

Jessica & Matt

Wedding days are emotional and being given the opportunity to capture those emotions with our cameras never ceases to amaze us. We feel honored to witness and capture those moments every single time. Though I disagree with people who tell you that you’re going to forget your wedding day, I do agree that sometimes we […]

Karen & Eli: Engaged

It was such a pleasure to have Karen and Eli take us around their home city (they live and work in downtown LA) and capture their lovely interactions in a such a beautiful spot. Thanks for being yourselves in front our camera, and thanks for introducing us to a truly rad part of Los Angeles! […]

Jess - Love this so much!!

Rocky - Love these guys!!

Lately, Round Here

We wanted to give you some quick insight into what’s been goin’ on around here lately (besides lots-o-photography – we’re deeeeeeep into the raddest wedding season we’ve ever had the privilege of working)… so, here’s a bunch of Instagram images from our fancy pants phones. This is what life at The Christenson household typically looks like. Enjoy! […]

Carly Kolbo - You guys are so fun. Love this!

Mary & Joe

There’s jut something about this wedding season. So far we’ve wished we could be BFFs with every single couple we’ve had the pleasure of shooting. Mary and Joe are no exception. They’re rad. The kind of people we love to be around: fun, adventurous, kind, globally minded and full of joy. They once took a […]

Desirusso - Castle Green in Pasadena

Jerome Dieu - Very nice pictures G&C!
What was the location of the wedding?

Jessica Rodriguez - Definitely a fav from you guys! Killed it!

erin - there’s something so california about this wedding… the light, the warmth, the PURE GANGSTA. well done, friends, well done.

Jen Martens - Oh my oh my! Amazing work you guys!!

Becca & Evan

We had the absolute pleasure of jetting over to Colorado a couple weekends ago to photograph Becca & Evan’s beautiful wedding at Spruce Mountain Ranch. I’m not even sure where to start with these two… They are an exceptional couple that we are sincerely bummed don’t live closer so we can be BFFs. They are […]

erin - Sheesh! Could you ask for a better location? Epic, guys. Really beautiful… and I don’t throw that word around :)

Andrea & Caesar

Gary and I LOVED Andrea and Caesar’s wedding. Not just like a little bit… like A LOT. Andrea and Caesar hired us 18 months ago and had plans for a large, traditional wedding in San Diego. Then a few months into the planning, they looked at all the details and money that was adding up for this event and […]

QUICK!!! To Paso [Robels, CA]

We like roadtrips. So a couple weekends ago we headed up along the coast to go party with the awesome Hill family. They recently relocated to Paso Robels so we took them up on their offer to come slumber party. It was a beautiful weekend of country living, kids running around all crazy, dogs doin’ […]

Alisha - amazing colors and life..

erin - … and it was EPIC!!! Can’t wait to do it again! Thank you guys for coming to hang with us in our farmland :)

Maui Oh-12

Just got back from another vacation adventure to Maui, HI. We didn’t get much sleep [at all], but had a complete blast!!! Did lots of beach sessions, hiking, surf trips, scuba dives, fishing, seafood eating, whale watching, and other random acts of awesomeness on this trip. Here’s some of our favorite images from our time […]

claudine - Looks like so much fun!!

And you are the most beautiful people ever!!

Michellevv73 - what lens do you guys shoot with? So mega sharp lawd!

Heather - This is AMAZINING! Best vacation blog post I have ever seen.

Christine - Amazing photos, thanks for sharing with all of us! 

Alexander T. Pavone - Great shots! love the the instagrams mixed in!

Ravyn - Love this so much. We’ve been wanting to do a trip to HI for some time now, and every time you post, it makes the desire so much crazier. Also, huge high fives for traveling & being a family. Too many people say it’s not possible, and you guys are proof that parents can be cool!! :)

Lyndzee - SOOOOOOO fun. And girl, you’ve had 2 kids and you rock a bikini better than anyone else. Beautiful.

Rebecca - Super awesome guys!!! Cape Town is calling! :)

Jamie Chura - Oh, my gosh! These photos are STUNNING!!!!!!!!! Wow. So beautiful! Y’all do such a great job of not only making life epic but capturing it that way as well.  :)

nate - man, so much amazings.  super jealous, want to go to there!!!

Marissa Rodriguez - These are AMAZING! Made my heart so happy today!!!

Gary & Courtney - That’s right!!! But when do people like us rest??? ;) Nah, rest is overrated.

Sean Thompson - Awesome guys! amaze-balls as always. Work hard. Play harder right?!? 

Why We Travel

It’s no secret that we love to travel. But for many people the question is WHY? Especially with kids? And why on earth do you love it so much? The flights, TSA, jet lag, hotels, long car rides, unfamiliar eateries, and PACKING…I mean, it’s not all fun and games, so what’s the deal? Let us […]

Amy - This is amazing, i feel like you’re my sister from another mother! So happy to meet you tonight, feeling very inspired by your site and life!!! <3


erin - one day, we will travel together. FACT. i look forward to that day!

Rebecca - Too awesome! This makes me excited! In June/July I will be leaving South Africa for the first time in my life when Bruce and I go traveling Europe – it has been a huge sacrifice to make it happen but reading this reminds me why it will be worth it! Love you guys!

Josh Solar - Love this post! Can’t wait to meet you all and chat about all things life soon…oh, yeah, and learn to surf!

Julie - i love travel!  i love this post!  i love your little familyhood of the travelin’ pants!

Billie & Scott: Vermont

Nothing at Billie & Scott’s wedding was less than completely awesome. They got married in Burlington, Vermont at a museum… but not your ordinary museum. The Shelburne Museum is a collection of 30+ historic buildings (and a steamboat) that a rich eccentric lady from NYC collected over the years and moved to her property in […]

erin - what a crazy awesome location! beautiful guys :)

Katie - Freaking amazing guys. Like, dying over this wedding!!!

Josh Solar - Beautiful! That shot in the barn is crazy good!

BJLubert - What an amazing collection of beautiful and interesting photographs!!  I can tell you that everything you see in the photos really was that gorgeous because I was there.  Great job all around guys!

Gary & Courtney - Thanks so much Jessica :) It was indeed a very great wedding!

Jessica - wowee kazowee totally beautiful, you guys! love love love it. such a great wedding!

Carly & Amos

Introducing North Dakotas most awesomely awesome couple, ever, Carly & Amos.

Todd Pellowe - Niiice session. 

Sean Thompson - LEGIT-skis guys! Love the lighting and colors in these.

Amos Arthur Kolbo - We feel the same way!!
PS I’m giggling with joy just thinking of how much fun we’re goin to have at this slumber party :) 

Gary & Courtney - Thanks Carly, it was a true honor and pleasure getting to hang with you two! We’re so blessed to know you guys and can’t wait to have slumber parties in near future! Stay warm up North!!!

Carly Kolbo - You guys BLOW MY MIND!!!  :) They are a billion percent more than I even imagined! :) Can’t wait to display them! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Shannon K. - These are incredible!  Carly, seriously….you are BEAUTIFUL….and I LOVE that he wore a red belt.  Amazing photos.  Sincerely amazing!