After every wedding, Gary and I debrief about the day on our way home or to our hotel. After Lindsay and Cody’s wedding up in the Bay Area, we hopped in our car, looked at each other, and both exclaimed “That was such a GREAT wedding!

There are a few things that never fail to make for a joy-filled wedding:
1) A couple that is absolutely, undeniably head-over-heels for each other and CAN.NOT.WAIT. to get married.
2) A couple that has their priorities straight so that the wedding day itself is stress-free…they have the mindset that “As long as we end up married, today will be perfect”.
3) A couple that is up for ANYTHING during photos, can be comfortable and candid with each other in front of a camera and trust us to get a great shot regardless of the weird places we ask them to stand or funny things we ask them to do.
4) A couple who has made deep friendships with people who like to have FUN. The combo of depth and fun is just such a blessing to witness and so much fun to take pictures of during the reception.

If a couple has one of these things we can get great pictures. If a couple has ALL of them, minds will be blown. If that couple is Cody and Lindsay, minds will be blown AND faces will be melted by their awesomeness! I hope you all enjoy looking at these photos as much as we enjoyed taking them. Cody and Lindsay…You guys are incredible people. Inspiring, fun and a blessing to be around. Let’s be friends. :)

Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_03 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_05 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_06 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_07 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_08 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_09 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_10 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_11 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_12 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_13 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_15 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_16 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_17 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_18 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_19 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_20 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_21 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_22 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_23 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_24 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_25 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_26 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_27 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_28 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_29 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_30 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_31 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_32 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_33 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_34 Lindsay_Cody_Vineyard_Wedding_35