Mel and Ryan had the craziest mix of cultures and ideas that we’ve ever experienced: Korean wedding ceremony (Mel is Korean), Bourbon Bars (Ryan is from Kentucky), and Mexico (the wedding was in Cabo). And yet. it all worked perfectly. Although, in all fairness, every event that Sarai and Martha of Signature Mexico design is absolute perfection so there was never any doubt.

MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_02 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_03

To celebrate Mel’s Korean heritage, they had a Korean wedding ceremony called PaeBaek on Friday evening. Paebaek was originally intended for the bride to pay respects to the grooms family, but is now used as a way for couples to pay homage to their Korean heritage and honor both their parents and families. Mel and Ryan were both dressed in ceremonial Korean wedding attire called hanbock and began the ceremony with a series of deep bows to their parents and families. Then they offered wine to each set of honorees and received wisdom and advice from each of them.

The honorees then threw dates (symbolizing girls) and chestnuts (symbolizing boys) which Mel and Ryan tried to catch. According to legend, the number of dates and chestnuts caught is how many children the couple will have. At the end, Ryan gave Mel a piggy-back ride around the ceremony area to signify his ability to support her.

MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_05 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_06 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_07 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_08 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_11After all the American weddings we’ve seen, it was so interesting to see at least a part of a marriage celebration from another culture. Also…Mel and Ryan ROCKED the hanbock. How amazing do they look???

MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_12 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_14 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_15After the Korean ceremony the wedding guests joined Mel and Ryan for the rehearsal dinner at Hacienda Cocina Y Cantina which is officially our favorite spot in Cabo.

MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_16 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_17 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_18 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_19 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_20 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_21Saturday was the American ceremony. It took place at Cabo Del Sol down on the sand and was unbelievably beautiful. The reception was set up directly above the ceremony on a grassy bluff and was gorgeous and comfortable.

MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_22 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_23 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_24 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_25 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_26 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_27Since Ryan and his family are from Kentucky, they really appreciate their Bourbon. To celebrate properly, they had a bourbon bar…with six bottles of aged bourbon for their guests to enjoy. We loved hearing them discuss the different notes and flavors of each one and learning the things that make bourbon so special. Mel and Ryan actually did a toast with the bourbon which we just really loved.

MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_28 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_29 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_30 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_31 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_32 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_33 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_34 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_35 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_36 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_37 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_38 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_39 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_40 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_41 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_42 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_43 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_44 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_45 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_46 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_47 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_48 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_49 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_50 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_51 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_52 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_53 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_54 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_55 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_56 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_57 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_58 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_59 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_60 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_61 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_62 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_63 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_64 MelAndRyan_Cabo_del_Sol_Mexico_Wedding_65We deeply enjoyed this wedding from start to finish. What a great experience! Thank you Mel and Ryan for giving us the honor of experiencing it with you! We wish you guys all the best in your future together.