Sara and Paul. These two. They are just down right phenomenal people. They kick MAJOR ass at life in general, so why would their wedding be any different?

I really struggled to figure out how to properly introduce this wedding…so let’s suffice it to say that this wedding was AMAZING. As in, every twenty minutes something happened that made you say “That’s AMAZING!!!!!” For example: Beer Donkey at cocktail hour (no really…that’s a thing), Mexican Carnival games (break a bottle, get a beer), Photo Booth, 12 piece mariachi band, fireworks, make-out room, fire dancers (for real), PAUL fire dancing (also for real), secret salsa dance presentation, three DJs and a unicorn on a stick.  If “Sara and Paul” were a party…they would be this one. And trust me…there is nothing not-to-love about a Sara and Paul party.

We had high hopes for this wedding since we met Paul and Sara in Italy at her sister Shawna’s wedding. During our time in the Italy with the Suffriti family, we got a small introduction to what an awesomely adventurous and “out of the box” sort of family they are and couldn’t wait to see what they pulled off in Mexico. So while Shawna and Adam picked a small, charming, out-of the-way town in Tuscany, Sara and Paul chose it’s Mexican counter-part: Sayulita.

Sayulita is a laid-back little surf town about an hour and a half north of Puerto Vallarta. It’s so small and charming that visitors don’t rent cars to get around…they rent golf carts. Sara and Paul found an incredible villa right on the water that they stayed in and that also hosted the wedding (the photo above was taken from the steps of their villa). Their friends and family filled in the villas on either side of theirs so they effectively created a party block of villas. So SO freakin’ rad.

THE DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING: Gary and I headed to the villa to meet all the guests and get the lay of the land. Sara and Paul wanted to take us around town and introduce us to their favorite taco vendor so we decided to take that opportunity to do a little portrait session with them.


Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_04 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_05 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_06 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_07 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_08 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_09 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_10 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_11 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_12 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_13 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_14 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_15 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_16 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_17BELOW: Sometimes your clients insist on doing a shot of tequila with you while you’re working. And you know what they say: “When in Mexico….”

Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_18 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_19 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_20 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_21BELOW: The rehearsal dinner at a gorgeous restaurant in town. It was our first glimpse at this crew’s serious side and the depth of friendships that Sara and Paul have. There were wonderful toasts filled genuine emotion and heartfelt excitement for Sara and Paul’s marriage. This group blew us away with the balance they had between heart and fun.

Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_22THE WEDDING DAY: We weren’t there, but we heard that the night before had gotten a little crazy…something about a naked zebra in the pool?? Guess we’ll never know. ;) So the wedding day started with a little rooftop Yoga to get everyone on track for the big day.

Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_23.1 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_23BELOW: Sara and Paul writing their vows together. I loved that they didn’t discuss things for too long and still ended up with some of the exact same verbiage in their vows. Clearly these two are a perfect match.

Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_24 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_25 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_26 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_27 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_28 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_29 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_30 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_31 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_32 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_33 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_34 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_35 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_36 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_37

ABOVE: There was not a single thing about this wedding that was done because “that’s what you do.” Sara even opted out of a bouquet because she wanted both parents to walk her down the aisle and didn’t want to be fumbling with flowers in the process. I just loved that!!! PRIORITIES people!

BELOW: They decided to do the ceremony in-the-round so that everyone could have a great seat and they could see their family and friends all around them. How freakin’ gorgeous is that ceremony????

Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_38 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_39 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_40 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_41 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_42 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_43 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_44 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_45 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_46 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_47 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_48 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_49 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_50 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_51 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_52 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_53 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_54 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_55THE RECEPTION: Ok…Are you READY for this?!? Most. AMAZING. Reception. Ever. Prepared to be wowed by Sara and Paul’s Party-throwing abilities.

Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_56 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_57 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_58 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_59 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_60 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_61Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_62 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_63 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_64 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_65 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_66 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_67 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_68 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_69 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_70 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_71 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_72 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_73 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_74 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_75.1 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_75.2 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_75 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_76 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_77

The moment that Sara and Paul became our heroes. Wedding photographer bucket list: CHECK.

Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_78 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_79 Sara_Paul_Sayulita_Mexico_Destination_Wedding_80